Lukla Approach Help

Hey, can someone tell me the waypoints for Lukla on approach? I’m going to be streaming and I need to know the right approach. Thank you!


This should help! :)


@Jose_Oscana Can you tell me what the waypoints are into Lukla for the approach?

Also if this can help, has an approach route with coordinates. I made it based on a plan I used to control there. Altitudes are minimums you’ll naturally be higher far out.

Edit: do go higher; if you miss the coordinates you could be dangerously low. They really are minimums😅


As you can see in the photo, the blue points are for waypoints. Unfortunately there aren’t many in the region. That’s why I ended up using coordinates. If I remember correctly 🤔😬

It’s a visual approach there’s no IFR only VFR

@cblaydes7 This is lukla, not Paro :)

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Indeed it is… not sure why that was in the “Lukla” folder, but will update if I can find what I thought I was posting.

Thanks for the help guys! I just landed safely at Lukla!


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