Luke's event query- Where should I host my next event?

Hi all! Luke here, and I am in a state of conflict. I’ve decided to ask You the community to help me decide where to host my next event.

I have hosted multiple events before (list below)

My event list

[Spawn in! 23 attending!] The Dallas-Love Flyout! @ KDAL - 141800ZJUL19

(Completed, 72 Attending!) THE Orlando Flyout! @ KMCO - 091700ZJUN19

[Completed, vote for next event! 52 attending!] The Motor City Flyout! - @ KDTW -021800ZMAR19 [Partnered with Delta Virtual, Spirit Virtual]

The Spokane Flyout! @ KGEG- 171800ZFEB19 [17 Attending, 7 Gates remain!]

[CLOSED] Midway Mania! @KMDW - 061800ZJAN19

[TODAY!!] Having fun in Long Beach! @ KLGB - 021800ZJAN19

[Thanks for coming, completed! 91 attending, 11 Gates still available!] Huge Phoenix Flyout! @ KPHX - 291800ZDEC18

Question time now!

Have you been to one of my events before?

  • Yes
  • No

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If you answered yes, did you enjoy it?

  • Yes
  • No

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Ok, now the big question. Where should I host my next event?

  • LEMD (Madrid)
  • MMMX (Mexico City)
  • KIAH (Houston)
  • KPDX (Portland)
  • KBOS (Boston)
  • YSSY (Sydney)
  • Other (State Below)

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Thanks all!

Have a good day/evening/night,



And why can’t you decide yourself as it’s your event?

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I just wanted some community feedback. I’ve really chosen all my events.


Madrid, Boston has several events

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Come visit me at CYYC

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I think you forgot San Francisco on there 🤪

Anyways, I’d love to see another (?) event at Boston! Voted for that and hope it’s there!

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Host your next event at Alice Springs and make it GA themed with a touch of commercial.

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Come to CYTZ Toronto City

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KIND, obviously. I also think Auckland might be interesting.

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You could do Brisbane, Australia (YBBN). Its fairly big, but its got more domestic gates than international gates…

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San Jose is awesome! @Luke_Sta, add SJC! 😃


Just a little bit?

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KATL haven’t seen a really big events their in a long time!:)

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So far, we have Boston in the Lead, followed by Portland, then Madrid. Keep voting!

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