Luke’s Spotting Year in Review

Heyo! This has been an unprecedented year, with probably no one guessing the course of events that happened this insane year. One good thing to come out of 2020 for me is that I have grown immensely as a plane photographer, especially with the help of the triple S (you know who you are) and others providing feedback throughout the course of the year. I hope to start out 2021 a lot better with photography, and I hope you all enjoy the journey. Let’s get into the photos!

Photo Number 1: American 737, DEN, March 24th - This is just a simple shot, but this was the last picture I took of an aircraft at DEN for 100 or so days, until I returned to DEN in late July. I took this trip to try and see the then-grounded Frontier A319s (Which I did see, but they were too far away and are currently in ROW, but hopefully, they are scheduled to come back in February so hopefully they do.) This 737, registered as N959AN, was arriving from the land of @Speedyyy and @Altaria55. (Or Dallas if you are uninformed.)

Photo Number 2: FedEx 757-200, DEN, September 12th. This wasn’t the reason I went to DEN that day but this was definitely the best shot of the day. This 757 diverted from MEM, heading to the land of @ItsBlitz and Lost Wages (or Las Vegas). This one is registered as N930FD.

Photo Number Three: Erickson Aero Tanker MD-87, BJC, October 16th. No, the smoke is not photoshopped. A quick trip up to BJC as a reward of finishing the first quarter of school with good grades, I expected this MD-87, but not the smoke. This one, registered as N295EA and the fourth one I had seen this year, due to the hectic and largest fire season in Colorado on record. It was arriving after fighting the East Troublesome fire near Granby, and that’s where the smoke came from. I was overwhelmed by it, so I left quickly after this shot was taken.

Photo Number 4: Icelandair 757-200, DEN, November 22nd. This one was a surprise and a compliment to my best session yet, where I took over 400 pictures in 5 hours, which I should top soon. This one, registered as TF-ISV, was on it’s second-to-last flight this year, after coming out of storage in Kelowna to head to Roswell with a customs stop here in Denver.

Photo Number 5: Southwest 737-700 (Canyon Blue), DEN, November 22nd. Still my favorite Canyon Blue shot to this day and of the year is this one, registered as N276WN, complimented with split scimitar winglets and some great light, makes for one great photo.

Photo Number 6: Southwest 737-700 (Arizona One), DEN, November 22nd. After running around a quarter of a mile to get this shot, this was not the angle I expected, but I thought it was cool regardless. It was nice to catch a special I had been looking for for a while, albeit partly backlit.

Photo Number 7: Delta 757-200, DEN, November 22nd. Before the main catch of the day came (Lufthansa A350) was Delta’s oldest passenger 757-200, registered as N658DL, operating as a service upgrade for the normal 737-900s we get at DEN.

Photo Number 8: Frontier A320-200 (Thunder the American Bison Livery), DEN, November 22nd. Most of you know I’m a big fan of two things. Canyon Blues (which I already covered) and Frontier’s older livery aircraft. The light combined with the gold tail art in the background of Thunder made this shot worth standing out when it was windy and exposed. I know @Raze really liked this one.

Photo Number 9: Delta 767-400ER, DEN, December 12th. My most recent trip netted me this catch of a Delta 767-400, registered as N825MH, with the lighting not being all too great (thanks captain obvious or @AndrewWu for pointing this out to me), but still a passenger 767 at DEN is pretty rare, even with this being a United Hub. I still lack a shot of Delta’s 767-300ER, which I plan to catch soon, and also lack a shot of any United 767, because they are so rare at DEN.

Photo Number 10: Frontier A320-200 (Montana the Elk Livery), DEN, December 12th. Although I’ve flown the animal but not the actual tail (N213FR) it was nice to see another old Frontier A320 that I needed to re-shoot that I was able to. This was probably the best shot of the day, even with the lighting being bad and the temperature being frigid.

And that’s a wrap! This was definitely a strange year to start off, but with the help of many, I was able to find some passion in 2020. Although like many, I did not fly this year, but I hope to return to the skies and also become a even better photographer by the end of next year. Enjoy the New Year!

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I’ve flown on Montana the elk, that picture is a lot better than it looked on a rainy gloomy day here in JAX


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