Luke_King-kong's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Come to N/A to judge my ATC skills at ground and tower. Be demanding for an extra challenge… Afterwords give me feedback of what I did good and what I could do better. See you there😁. I will be open for only N/A mins.

You should take a look into this thread and follow the guidelines when creating an ATC Tracking thread. Be sure to change the title too! 👍


So is this not ok

Once you start just change your title to open :)

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And add airport where you are open too…

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I have never created an ATC Tracking thread before, but for sure the title had to be changed. Just have a read above. 👍

Still, I am currently unable to head to the airport at the moment. Sorry! 🙂

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When you finish don’t forget to change your title :)

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i dont think anyone will come anyway

I’m sure someone will. I’m flying right now, but i will keep an eye on this thread and i’ll come some other time :)

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thanks. i will open another thread another day thats not the FNF day

No need for new threads, just edit the title of this one :)


Thanks to everyone that came

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IFC, I may be opening up tonight. Stay tuned. I ask you plz come and give me feedback. I would realy appreciate it.

Update: I will be opening up at LFPG.

Stay tuned for possible changes and runway information. Also stay tuned for when I open. Thanks!

Update: I hope to open at this time. 2019-10-07T16:00:00Z2019-10-07T17:00:00Z

Im now open. Come along. I will be open for 1HR. Even if no one comes, i will remain open for the hour. So plz do come along. Thanks.

Give me a minute mate.

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thanks very much

Sorry I can’t come because I need to go to air cadets, but LFPG always has a few people on TS so I wouldn’t open there, just my opinion though

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Closed, thanks to all that came.