Luke_King-kong’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A || Closed Forever

Luke_King-kong's ATC Tracking Thread

Welcome to @Luke_King-kong’s official tracking thread. Feel free to stop by and fly out from N/A or, do some pattern work. Below, you’ll see some info about my ATC tracking thread. I hope you could stop by some time :)






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How long will you be open?

For about 20ish minus then I need to go get my tea. After that I will be open for at least one hour.

I’ll definitely come to your second session!

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Ive put this on watch! Would love to come to one of your sessions.
Happy Flying & Good Luck with your sessions!
Cign :D

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I am open at LGAV, expect runway 03L or 03R for departure! Hope to see you there!


I’ll come!

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I can come!

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Nice work today! I had some issues though.

You need to work on response times! It shouldn’t take 30 second for a taxi command with only 1 aircraft on ground.

The descend to pattern altitude was unnecessary. I was at the correct altitude of 1,800 feet.

My Runway change pattern entry was incorrect but I was glad to see that you corrected your self.

When you cleared me for the option on 21R you never told me which direction to go after the touch and go.

My exit command wasn’t needed. I was doing “stop and go” I wasn’t exiting. That’s why my spoilers weren’t deployed.

I have no idea why there was a runway change. It complicated your controlling and wasn’t needed the crosswind was straight across the runway meaning it a the same from both sides.

My exit command was early. Aim for 60-70 knots

That’s all I have, keep practicing and you will get there!


I’m on my way!

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On my screen the 21 runways had a tail wind.

Thank you very much for the feedback, I will work on everything you said!

Sorry about that I came in a bit hot lol but here’s my feedback;

  • On my first departure there was someone in front of me at right base or left I believe, but then you just cleared me for the option, without a sequence. What you could’ve of said was; “ N145ER number 2 traffic to follow is on right/left base “ and then you clear me. But if there is no traffic on pattern then you don’t have to sequence of course lol but always sequence then clear. Something I keep in mind that helps me is “pattern,sequence, clear” if you follow this you will do great!

  • Try to clear people as soon as possible! once you have sequenced them if necessary always try to clear them as soon as they are on crosswind the sooner the better! You were on point with this but just something to keep in mind!

  • I don’t know if you know this but I was trying to say full stop meaning I decided to land and not do pattern-work anymore but my finger kept slipping and I kept saying the wrong thing lol but you did good today just keep in mind if all of the feedback you have been given and you will do great! I also have an ATC thread so if you would like to do some patterns and see how I control that would be great! Also if you would like me to tag you once I open Let me know!

Best Regards,

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I am now closed, thank you so much to all who came and gave feedback. Have a great day :)

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I thought you were trying to saying that, thank you for the feedback and thank you for coming :)

And I just read it over and I repeated something for some reason I’ll fix that sorry lol

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Hello, I’m Kazuki (ANVA698).
Thank you for your ATC service today!
Some Feedback from your session.

ANVA698: requesting change to RWY 03L (on right downwind)
ATC: ×→"Enter LEFT downwind RWY 03L" ✓→"Enter RIGHT downwind"

Sometimes the clearances were a bit late. Aircraft should be cleared no later than downwind.

ANVA698: (on upwind, RWY03R) requesting change to RWY03L
ATC: ×→"ANVA698, enter RIGHT downwind RWY 03L, traffic to follow is on right BASE" ✓→"ANVA698, enter LEFT downwind RWY 03L, traffic to follow is on right DOWNWIND"

ATC: ×→"-------" “???(←cllsign), Turn base” ✓→"???, I’ll call your base." “???, Turn base.”
<You have to send “I’ll call your base” before “Turn base”.>

ATC: (on short base) ×→"ANVA698, Maintain slowest practical speed" ✓→"ANVA698, Go Around"
<You should not to send “Maintain slowest practical speed” to traffic on short base/final.>

Others were all GOOD👍

(I’m sorry that I hardly understand English. I used [Google translate])

Good luck!

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Thank you for the feedback :)

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Hey all, I am open at LGAV (Athens) until 2020-06-20T15:35:00Z so pop down for some patterns if you have the time! See you there!

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I am now closed, thank you to all who came. Have a lovely day :)

Hey there! Overall, pretty good! There are a few things I’d like to point, however.

  • One: It would’ve been much better to have me LUAW behind ANVA when I initially requested T/O. Since ANVA was already moving and I was still a bit from the hold short line, having me line up and wait would’ve made things more efficient than what you did, which was hold short → LUAW → clear for takeoff. I also know you kinda jumbled up me and ANVA when giving commands at the start, but it’s more preferable to say disregard last message; it’s nothing major, though.
  • Two: To continue on what I said above, you could’ve cleared me for takeoff instead of then having me LUAW after holding short. ANVA was already over 70 kts, and with the time it’ll take me to get lined up and ready to roll, there would be more than enough spacing between me and ANVA, and they would’ve already been up in the air. Anticipated separation is a great thing! Generally, if an aircraft is above 70 kts, it’s fine to just clear the aircraft behind them for takeoff. The LUAW would be unnecessary.
  • Three: You have a good grasp of sequencing and pattern instructions. However, I would’ve liked to see you give clearances and sequences a bit earlier. As soon as a plane makes that crosswind turn, you can go ahead and clear/sequence, and handle anything else later on if stuff comes up. Don’t hold secrets; get the work out of your way early so you don’t forget.
  • Four: Your runway change procedure was good; however, a left downwind would’ve been better. The whole reason I requested a runway change was to see if you’d take notice of the terrain next to 03R, and issue a pattern instruction that’d allow me to avoid it. This is a minor thing, but it’s something just to keep mind of for the future.
  • Five: The clearance after my change to 03L was late; I was already on base. It’s preferable to have them cleared on downwind.
  • Six: If an aircraft reqests departure to the N/S/E/W, then you can issue a frequency change as soon as you can see there’s no potential conflict; no need to have the aircraft request it themselves.

Overall, you did pretty well! Just a few minor things to look out for and you’ll be good.