Luke_B's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello IFC! I have been considering joining the IFATC team and controlling the Expert server, I decided to open up an ATC tracking thread to see what I need work on. I hope you could stop by and give me some feedback!

Airport open:
Runways in use:

I will be open for 30-45 minutes. Please give honest feedback.


Opening back up at KPSP! It would be awesome if you could join in and do a few patterns!

Airport: KPSP
Frequencies: Ground and tower
Runways in use: 31L and 31R
Weather: Wind: 310° 14 knots gusting 21 10sm vis.
Server: Training

Please give your honest feedback :)
I will be open for 45min - 1 hour

Feel free to tag me next time you open :)

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Will do!

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I’m also on a flight for about 45 min. I might be able to make it, but not sure.

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Alright, there is a good chance i’ll still be open.

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I might be able to make it myself I will be landing in about 28min

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Perfect, I will be open then.

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See u soon

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I’m sorry @Luke_B i won’t be able to make it this time :( pls tag me next time

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Alright, I’ll tag you next time.

KPSP tower and ground is now closed.

:( Was just about to join

Howdy, Luke.

I was OMG-YAY. Thanks for the two patterns. Here’s some feedback from my short time at Palm Springs.

  1. 23:44:42Z: Your transition altitude was a bit high. As specified in Section 3.4.4 of the ATC Manual, the standard formula for calculating a transition is the airport elevation (476ft MSL for KPSP) plus 2500ft. So, for KPSP, you’re looking at 476 + 2500 = 2976, which you’ll round up to 3000ft. Pattern altitudes for props will be 1000ft AAL, and 1500ft AAL for jets. While VFR separation rules dictate that 500ft is all that’s needed, an extra 500ft is strongly encouraged for IFR separation requirements as well.
  2. 23:48:20Z: I would’ve preferred a right downwind pattern entry for 31L. I was too high and not in the best spot for a base entry.
  3. 23:50:25Z: I suppose you called a go-around for me because you realized I was too high; good awareness on your end! I personally would still leave it up to the pilots to call one, since there’s quite a few folks who may elect nosediving rather than going around; ultimately, it’s the pilot’s call. I’d save controller induced go-arounds to situations where separation loss is imminent. Situations like traffic remaining on the runway with others on short final, or, if two planes are extremely tightly spaced on final.
  4. This is more of a general comment. Usage of left traffic for the 31s would not be my recommendation. There’s quite a few rather intimidating mountains in close proximity to the field, and I had to fly super tight to not end up in them. I’d suggest looking at the surrounding terrain for your airport, and then making a judgement call for the proper traffic direction(s) to use.
  5. 23:54:54Z: Once a plane that is inbound has been cleared for the option, you don’t need to include a traffic direction for subsequent clearances. Traffic directions should only be for inbound aircraft receiving their first option clearance, or if they’re changing runways and are to receive their first clearance, as specified in Section 3.3.6 of the ATC Manual.
  6. 23:58:00Z: Missed runway exit for me. If an aircraft is evidently already off the runway, feel free to just tell them to switch to Ground, rather than giving an exit command on the taxiway.

All in all, your basics are there. A few more things to brush up, and you should be good. Feel free to let me know of any questions you may have.


Alright, I will take those into account. With the exiting the runway part, I was waiting until 40 knots or so. By the time you had gotten down to 40 knots you were already exiting the runway. After that I realized it was 70 knots. Thanks for the feedback.

Nooooo :(

Opening back up at KADW!! Feel free to join and do a couple patterns!

Airport: KADW
Frequencies: Tower and ground
Runways: 1L & 1R in use
Weather: 300° 4 knots
Server: Training

Please give honest feedback!

@SWA1997 @Cooper_Marcukaitis

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I’ll come!

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Great, im all set up.

Coming now

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