Luis_Qian1’s ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @KTPA

Hello all, I’ve passed my IFATC Written Test and would like to get some practice in during my practical training. Anyone is welcome to join. Server: Training on March 22nd @ 9:30pm EDT- 01:30 Zulu Time. **Airport: KTPA ** Frequencies: Tower and Ground. Runways in use will be 1L and 1R. Areas that I would like to focus on will be pattern work and sequencing, maybe some transitioning traffic and traffic flying in and out of KTPA. Feedback will be greatly appreciated but please be brutally honest with it!

Hello for this type of training the title must be: “@Luis_Qian1 ATC tracking thread - [CLOSED] @KTVC
and not a radar tracking thread

Like how I have it now?

I’ve fixed up the title for you. That way people know who’s tracking thread they are attending.

I will let Declan make a better and constructive answer than me 😅

Gotcha thanks so much!

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