Luis_G_Partida’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to my ATC Thread. Thinking about taking the IFATC test and thought I should get some practice in.

For my first attempt I’ll be at KPSP right now for the next hour (1730Z - 1830Z) on the Training Server.

Ground and Tower will be open. I look forward to your feedback.



Open Ground and Tower at KMSY on the Training Server.
Runway 2 is open.

Roger! I’m coming! Just an fyi, the real runway 29 is closed for the new terminal being built right next to it.

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Thanks for letting me know! Will update to just runway 2.

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No problem. I’m spawning in! Callsign is VEVO1

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Alright! You did good! I threw in the “Request frequency change” to see what you would do. The only thing is the “decend to pattern altitude”. I was a FL040, which is a good altitude for how close I was. Other than that, you were good!

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3500 is not pattern altitude.

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I was just looking at the replay. Its 4000 not 3500, my bad

Thanks for stopping by. I was under the impression that pattern altitude for jets was 1500 AGL. Is that not right?

1500 feet for airliners is indeed the recommended pattern altitude in IF.

But from what I read, I believe @KennedyTurner was not flying patterns but was inbound. And when someone is at 4000 feet, not too far away, he doesn’t need a ‘decent to pattern altitude’. The decent for inbounds is really at the discretion of the pilot.

However, if @KennedyTurner was flying patterns, then he should stay under 1500 feet AGL. Sending a ‘descent to pattern altitude’ by Tower then makes sense.


He was doing T/G and was at 3000 when I asked for descent to pattern altitude. He was in the Cessna Citation.

1500AAL is the recommended pattern altitude butt this is rarely followed anyway. Unless they’re doing pattern work at 4000ft-ish AAL, I’d say don’t worry about telling planes to descend to pattern altitude.

It’s not a big deal. Was just trying to control as accurately as possible.

You’re right though, in the hundreds of T/G’s in controlled airspace I’ve done, I’ve never received that request.

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I understand where you’re coming from because I’ve been there too. But you’ll soon realize that if you try to get everyone as perfect as possible, you’ll end up overwhelmed by the tasks you have to do and that’ll mess you up instead. So as my trainer told me: “Keep it nice and simple”

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Good advice!

I was at 4000 in a CCX flying patterns.

At OMDB on Training Server for a bit.

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Dang. I would come, but I censored you not, my subscription expired right after a ended my previous flight about 30 seconds ago.

Talk about bad timings.

I’ll come by