Lufty's Farewell to IFC!

Hey guys 👋🏻, welcome to this special topic,

Today, i decided to stop playing IF and having a phone with me in general, for studying. This period will continue for an unknown number of weeks or months. I’m sorry to say this, to all of you who helped and encouraged me here on the fabulous IFC .

Let’s write some usernames @deltaoutofdca , @AviatorVJ , @Delta174J , @NonStopsAviation @Anthony_Gulluscio , @skillissue @IF.Kaden @Lufthansa1 @Mort @Prestoni and so many others, you know i can’t write all of you because i will be here tomorrow (i wish sorry) .

The reasons behind my studying and specifically my phone, is that i want to keep my eyes safe and i want to improve my concentration in school, start to read books cause yeah i’m having a phone addiction actually and this is giving strange feelings (mostly bad, at the end of the day i’m realizing that i’ve been procrastinating all the weeknd) . Good vision and mind is required for being engineer then astronaut, right? Lol

Anyway, here’s my last flight, between Auckland and Honolulu, coming back in the Jet Age, you know:

I hope that with all my Jet Age topics, i brought you back to the ancient world of Aviation.

With this, it’s end, i will certainly return here at the 27th of July because of my Birthday irl.

So yeah… what to say others thank you again.

Never give up on anything , follow your dreams and watch the space at night, to see how little we’re.

P:S, will reply to your replies if there’s untill tomorrow 10a.m EST


I got a mention? 😢😲

I’ve done this too… real life is a priority even if it’s less fun.

We will be counting down the days till July!


see you in july random community member, good luck on wtv you do lmao


Yeha you got it xD, thank you!


Thanks sir


Didn’t know I am even that active on here 🤣

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Farewell my friend!


Fare well to the great @Captain_Lufty 🫡


Thank you man!!

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I appreciate the comment Floridian man


i speak for EVERYONE on the IFC. @Captain_Lufty, you are loved on the IFC for being kind, patient and so so respectful. i will miss you so much while your gone.

-your friend,



Hey 👋🏻 , that’s mean a lot to me! Thank you very much for the kind words!

See y’a in July maybe @deltaoutofdca


Farewell @Captain_Lufty, good luck with your studies. I’ve loved your topics about the Jet Age. You have been a good friend on the IFC. Are you going to come back after 1-2 months after your birthday or are you stopping this forever? Thanks for mentioning me on your topic I’ve never been mentioned on a special topic before. Looking forward to see you again soon. Wishing you well with your studies. Your screenshot topics inspired me to make my own and so far I love editing photos for the IFC. Thanks for being a mentor.

Once again goodbye.



Let’s make this the most liked s&c topic this year in honor of @Captain_Lufty 👏


You will be an amazing engineer Lufty I’m sure. Education does come first!

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Yeah I’m glad you are sticking to your goal and letting nothing get in your way unlike many people these days. Don’t be gone for long 😉.

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@AviatorVJ , hey friend, what a wonderful reply i see here! Thank you, a lot for the encouraging words! You have the respect to be mentioned here. I will come back from July to August i think, however, the next year is the most important in my studies and after that, there will be engineering studying and everything. So i sadly think that August will be my final moments in IF after 3 years…

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Wow thanks man, i surely will do everything to be the best and non stop improving myself.

Guess NASA VA is never happening 😔
Real NASA is better though 😊


Yes unfortunately i don’t think i will make it… . As you said working at NASA engineering part is certainly more interesting lol