Lufty Virtual | Celebrating 5 Years! | Official 2023 Thread


Thank you @Colelee083 for your service as CEO and congratulations @roostbrood to your promotion!


Wish you all the best for your future @Colelee083 !
Well done for your promotion @roostbrood !

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After a busy month here at LuftyVirtual, a few sad resignations and a LOT of flying. Here is our monthly update for LuftyVirtual!

And here are our favorite photos from this month!

We can’t want to see what July has in store for us, and we hope you’ll be there to join us!

Website | Apply


The stats are going through the roof compared to May! Great progress!

We at LuftyVirtual are hiring!

Following the departures of both our Events & Flight Managers, we are looking for VA-forward people to join our team! While there aren’t any prerequisites for applying, some level of knowledge on how each job works would be viewed as a bonus.

We are also hiring a Graphical Manager, someone to help us create gorgeous visual presentations for both the IFC and our instagram! Some level of graphical design knowledge would be highly recommended for any applicant interested.

We thank our leaving staff for their hard work and dedication to LuftyVirtual, and wish them all the best with their endeavours. And we look forward to reading your applications!

Staff Applicant Page (IFVARB Website)

Website | Pilot Application | Five-Year Anniversary Event


I sucessed the aplly in your Virtual

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How long does it take for your application as a pilot to get accepted

I Finally in your virtual member now 😍😍😍

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hi @LuftyVirtual

i very happy cooperation with the VA


Spooky news from Lufty Virtual!

We are more than happy to announce that we have a a special multiplier for new pilots. All new pilots that join until the 31th of October will receive a one time 2,5x multiplier for their first flight at Lufty Virtual.Furthermore, everyone who invited someone to join Lufty during our Halloween Event time and tells us will receive an extra two 1,5x multipliers to use for himself or gift it to any other pilot.

We can’t wait to welcome you at Lufty Virtual so what are you waiting for. Join Lufty Virtual by clicking here. For any other questions don’t hesitate to ask by sending us a private message here on the IFC.

We also want to advertise our instagram account which will receive new content every few days. We would be more than happy if you leave a follow :)

Apply Now!

Website | Pilot Application | Instagram



I wonder how I’ve not applied for this VA yet!


You dont fly to Belgrade LYBE?

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Hi @Rastko_Roza

Lufty Virtual has route to/from Belgrade LYBE.

We hope to see you in VA

Victor A (LH021)
Route Manager
Lufty Virtual


no offence i learned 5 mins ago about you guys and danm you website is beautifull like really good and i might apply happy 5 years guys

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Its been a while since got to one on one with the community. Over the few weeks we have gone through many changes within the VA and now its time to make it public.

To kick start, @roostbrood has left as the CEO of Lufty Virtual. With that being said we are more than pleased to welcome our incumbent CEO, @Adrian_K into the role with the training and assistance of our team of ex CEOs and chosen community advisors alongside the excellent executive team. We wish Adrian a good time in his leadership role and hope to see the VA thrive. Once again, welcome onboard Adrian!

With the CEO transition, we have now went through a small revamp and it has brought a few new changes.

With the CEO transition, we also had numerous changes to our staff team. Here is the current staff list for Lufty Virtual.

IFC Username Postion
@Adrian_K Chief Executive Officer
@Rdeco76 Chief Operating Officer
@Starz Chief Human Resources Officer
@XY_MAGIC Chief Marketing Officer
@jovictasor Routes Manager
@BongAviation Flight Analyst
@Hellople Flight Analyst
@Andi1395 Human Resources Member
@Delta21 Human Resources Member
@SpeedBlakes IT Manager

We are also currently hiring the following: Routes Manager, Graphics Designer and Events Coordinator. DM us / email to apply for one of these positions.

After having tons of discussion in the renowned channel called staff-chat, we finally decided to make some changes to our recruitment requirements. Other changes will come into effect from next week, however, effective from today, we are recruiting Grade 2 members as pilots. So ladies and gentlemen, click that apply link and get yourself in with us. Can’t wait to have you all onboard.

With a fresh face, we are also excited to introduce our new crew center designed by VACenter Group. Bringing to you state of the art features to experience for easier and smoother access to a pilot’s portal. Here is a pic of the CC in action:

That is all what we have till now but don’t worry, more changes are on its way. Cough cough…new website, new pilot application requirements, new codeshares - coming soon.

Website | Pilot Application | Instagram


I couldn’t agree more ;) cough


hi @LuftyVirtual

I was happy cooperation with @Adrian_K “new CEO” so i say to you welcome. i hope happen much new thing on VA and staff team

I would say also I was happy cooperation with @Rdeco76, @Starz, @XY_MAGIC, @BongAviation, @Hellople, @Andi1395, @Delta21 and @SpeedBlakes

I even look at here team is good team

I myself can’t wait to see you in VA

it’s best CC Lufty Virtual

don’t forget “click on the application link and join us”

Yours sincerely
Victor A (LH 021)
Route Manager by Lufty Virtual


So happy to be a part of this change at this beautiful VA!


I’m very very happy to be your pilot. Best regards, Michael M., LH223 🙂