Lufty Virtual | Celebrating 5 Years! | Official 2023 Thread

hi @LuftyVirtual

I was happy cooperation with @Adrian_K “new CEO” so i say to you welcome. i hope happen much new thing on VA and staff team

I would say also I was happy cooperation with @Rdeco76, @Starz, @XY_MAGIC, @BongAviation, @Hellople, @Andi1395, @Delta21 and @SpeedBlakes

I even look at here team is good team

I myself can’t wait to see you in VA

it’s best CC Lufty Virtual

don’t forget “click on the application link and join us”

Yours sincerely
Victor A (LH 021)
Route Manager by Lufty Virtual


So happy to be a part of this change at this beautiful VA!


I’m very very happy to be your pilot. Best regards, Michael M., LH223 🙂


Lufty Virtual changed the experience of IF to another level! Awesome VA!


Nice changes, keep this up guys ;)


Just applied, excited to be apart of Lufthansa :)


hope to see you in VA. i myself am staff.

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Great work on the Route of the month! Seems like a fun program! :)


Thanks for your feedback. Glad you like it, enjoy!

Lars Wenzel
CMO, Lufty Virtual

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It is, also a good option for new pilots to fly already big planes 🙂


Happy to be here y’all! Can’t wait to get flying today :)



Hi Codeshare Partner, wishing your VA a fantastic 2023!


We at Lufty Virtual are hiring!

Following the continuous growth of Lufty Virtual, we are looking for VA-forward people to join our team! While there aren’t any prerequisites for applying, some level of knowledge on how each job works would be viewed as a bonus.

We are hiring:

Recruitment Manager (RM, Reporting to Chief Human Resources Officer/@Andi1395) - Your job as a recruitment manager is to provide quality service and rapid response time to each new pilot application. You will work alongside one more RM to process all applications equally.

Events Coordinator (EC, Reporting to Chief Operating Officer/@Starz) - Your job is to create and manage any future events, and monitor the community for any new/upcoming trends to ensure all events stay relevant and appealing to pilots. You will be responsible for flying at your hosted event, ensuring all pilots are behaved well, and taking attendance to ensure all sign-ups attend. (Consistent IF Pro Subscription mandatory)

Public Relations Manager (PRM, Reporting to Chief Marketing Officer/@XY_MAGIC) - Your job as a Public Relations Manager is to maintain an appropriate social presence on our various social media accounts, including our Public Community Account (@LuftyVirtual).

Graphics Designer (GD, Reporting to Chief Marketing Officer/@XY_MAGIC) - Your job as a Graphics Designer is to work hand-in-hand with our PRM and CMO in creating new graphics for any events, social media posts, and any other type of media content on-request. (A good knowledge of graphic design is required)

Flight Analyst (FA, Reporting to Chief Operating Officer/@Starz) - Your job as a Flight Analyst is to maintain overall activity in the VA by encouraging Pilots to fly by occasionally hosting Group Flights, as well as accepting/denying PIREPs and ensure any multipliers used by pilots are accurate. You are also occasionally responsible for importing new routes into our Crew Center.

We thank our pilots for their dedication to Lufty Virtual and we look forward to reading your applications!

Application Website (IFVARB)

Website | Pilot Application | Instagram


I’m glad to be a part of our operational management


The great crossing of continental boundaries!

We are more than happy to present you our first event in 2023, which was created in cooperation with @Condor.VA. For this event we are going to Munich, the capital of Bavaria. Together we will then fly the almost 4.5 hours long route to Hurghada, Egypt. On this journey we first cross the Alps with our A321s before we reach the coast of Croatia only a little later. From there, we continue over numerous islands in Greece until we finally cross the Nile and begin our approach to one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt - Hurghada.

Website | Instagram | Join


I applied two times now thru I think is two different websites, can’t wait to fly.

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Roughly how long will it be before I hear back? Thanks, can’t wait to fly!

I think the best is to wait until you get an answer, people might be sometime busy in their life.


Hey there.

We’re very sorry for the wait, we’re currently experiencing a longer wait time as we prepare for the summer season and make some internal changes.

If you do not receive a response in the next 24 hours, please send us a message and we will respond as soon as possible.

Enjoy your weekend!
Kai | Chief Operating Officer | Lufty Virtual

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I already am in the server thanks to someone this morning.

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