Lufty Virtual | Celebrating 5 Years! | Official 2023 Thread

Welcome to the Lufty Virtual IFC Thread


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Established in 2017, Lufty Virtual (Lufthansa Virtual) is a Virtual Airline modeled after the real-world airline Lufthansa and is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our pilots. Lufty Virtual aims to be professional in every aspect, as we dedicate our time to meeting your needs, expanding your experience, and broadening your virtual horizons. The Lufty Virtual Staff Team is working non-stop behind the scenes to not only enhance your inflight experience but equally offer a fun and eye-opening experience in our internal Discord server!

With our Lufty Virtual Group we offer an astonishing 1800+ routes (excluding codeshares) to our pilots. Our routes range from the beautiful European landscapes to all continents; whether itÔÇÖs Africa, the Americas, Asia, or Australia. Routes are continuously added and monitored to reflect the real Lufthansa schedule, guaranteeing a close-to real-life experience for our pilots.

Executive Board
Executive Board
@Adrian_K - Chief Executive Officer
@Starz - Chief Operating Officer
@Andi1395 - Chief Human Resources Officer
@XY_MAGIC - Chief Marketing Officer
Board Members
Board Members
@OC212 - Former CEO & Co-Founder
@Colelee083 - Former CEO
@Rdeco76 - Former COO
@captainted - Former CHRO
Operational Management
Operational Management
@jovictasor - Routes Manager
@BongAviation - Flight Analyst
@TXL4ever - Flight Analyst
@Aviator_Delta - Flight Analyst
@Delta21 - HR Manager
@Theus15 - HR Manager
@Yukiros_31 - Events Coordinator
@CaptainMoussline - PR Manager

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Here at Lufty Virtual, each pilot unlocks a new part of the fleet after reaching a specific milestone. Beginning with the ÔÇťlittleÔÇŁ CRJ900, E190 and A220, all the way up to the biggest passenger aircraft in the world, the mighty Airbus A380.

The Lufthansa Fleet

Our Codeshare Fleet

Pilot Awards

We are keen to award pilots that dedicate themselves to Lufty Virtual. We offer a total of four awards to our most active pilots that come with a number of perks and privileges within the Virtual Airline.

The Lufty Virtual Group holds multiple Virtual Airlines under its name, one of them is Brussels Airlines Virtual.
BRUVA was established in 2019 and joined the Lufty Virtual Group in February 2020. Brussels Airlines Virtual offers vital connections from Brussels to the whole African continent, without forgetting their extensive network which stretches all across Europe and North America.

Lufty Virtual is gratified to have an airline like Brussels Airlines Virtual in its group.

The Brussels Airlines Fleet

Lufthansa, as one of the biggest airlines worldwide, has an endless network of routes and destinations - and so do we. By closely mirroring the real-life operations of Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines, we are able to provide our pilots with every regular route that is served by either of the airlines. Additionally, we are continuously working on extending our route database with carefully selected codeshares that unlock new parts of the world for our pilots.

Route Map

Join us to discover our extensive medium to long-haul route network out of our three main hubs Frankfurt, Munich, and Brussels. (Current as of the 8th of May 2022)

Star Alliance Virtual

Current as of the 8th of May 2022


In total, we offer you a number of carefully selected airline partners to complement our own extensive route network. We are also continuously working on expanding the number of partners to truly offer a Network which stretches all around the world.

Codeshare Partner Aircraft
Air Newzealand@0,1x50x50 New Zealand Virtual A320, B787-9, B777-300ER
Latam@0,1x50x50 Fly Global A320, B787-9, B777-300ER
Singapore Airlines@0,1x50x50 Singapore Airlines Virtual A350-900, B777-300ER
SAS@0,1x50x50 SAS Virtual Q400, CRJ900, A320, B737
Ethiopian@0,1x50x50 Ethiopian Virtual B787-8, B777-200LR, B77F, B777-300ER
Air Canada@0,1x50x50 Air Canada Virtual A330-300, B787-8, B777-300ER
Cathay Pacific@0,1x50x50 Cathay Pacific Virtual A330-300, A350-900, B777-300ER
Air China@0,1x50x50 Air China Virtual A319, A330-300, B737-700
ANA@0,1x50x50 ANA Virtual Group Q400, A320, A321, B737-800, B767, B777, B787-9
LOT Polish Airlines@0,1x50x50 LOT Virtual Q400, E170, E195, B737-800, B787-8
Avianca@0,1x50x50 Avianca Virtual A319, A320, A330, B77F, B787-8
Turkish@0,1x50x50 Turkish Airlines Virtual A321, A330-300, A350-900, B737-900, B77W, B787-9
Air India@0,1x50x50 India Virtual A320, B747-400, B77L, B77W
Asiana@0,1x50x50 Asiana Virtual A321, B77W
Thai Airways@0,1x50x50 Thai Virtual A350-900, A380, B747-400, B787-8, B777-200

When it comes to our Crew Center, we utilize FlightHub, an excellent offering provided by VACenter! Using FlightHub V4 we are able to give our pilots a detailed summary of our VA offerings such as the routes as well as a comprehensive performance overview for each individual pilot and the VA as a whole. Thanks to the optimized layout, the time of finding to starting a flight is reduced significantly to improve.

The features include:

  • PIREP filling
  • ACARA for the best PIREP experience
  • Logbook containing your PIREPs
  • Personal Statistics
  • News Feed

To join Lufty Virtual, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • At least 14 years old
  • Grade 2 or above
  • Must not be on the IFVARB Watchlist nor Blacklist
  • Have a valid Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
  • TL1+ as a minimum on the Forum
  • Have Discord for communications

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Awesome New Thread LVG! Proud to be part!


WeÔÇÖre glad to have you ­čĄŁ


What a lovely thread! We are happy to be one of your partners.

All the best with your VA­čśâ­čĹő


Really nice thread! Will definitely apply in the coming days! ­čśë­čśÄ­čĹŹ


We look forward to having you join our family!

External Affairs


Anywhere I could possibly find a listed route database? Thread is interesting and well made btw!! Goodluck on the VA!

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Our route database is only available in the crew center when youÔÇÖre a pilot. But you can expect the routes to include nearly every route that Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines have + the codeshare routes.

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Internal Events with Lufty Virtual.

Recently we held an internal event for pilots, an on-going series where pilots are invited to join us to fly routes they normally wouldnÔÇÖt. This was a success and we look forward to welcoming more pilots into our family to join us in these events!

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It was great fun coming into my home airport MUC!

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Wonderful new thread and the new website looks stunning, good job!


Made in Germany is all I am going to say ;)

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Awards for Lufty Virtual Pilots

On this lovely evening here at the Lufty Virtual headquarters in Germany, we are happy to be able to announce the official introduction of awards to our program. Our virtual airline has been under reconstruction for quite some time now, and the addition of awards illustrates our progress. This adds to our website and the IFC Thread we introduced within the last week. We aim to keep the momentum going and strive to become a true 5-star virtual airline. If you want to be part of our great community of pilots and to be able to fly over 2000 routes realistically, apply here.

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This is a really good idea, can we get those badges in the discord to use as our pfp ?

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Yes, once you reach the required time/meet the requirements for one of the awards, you will be awarded the respective badge.

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Alright, thank you Max!

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I assume they are based on the miles&more program arenÔÇÖt they?

Yes, the first three do. They are based upon two different versions of the Miles & More Program though, to ensure the best coverage.

The Distinguished Service Award is a custom award, invented by us to reward the most helpful members of our virtual airline, and can thus not be achieved by reaching x amount of hours.

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Codeshare with @AirChinaVirtual (CAVA)

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Codeshare with @FedExVirtual (FDXV)

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