Luftwaffe / German air force A350-900


So basically german government decided that they need a new whip to replace 2 of their aging A340 and they, as usual, went to France and ordered 3 A359s, one of which is already delivered.


Can’t give the americans all the presidential liveries and also it is beautiful and minimal, so the livery artist wouldn’t want to do bad things to voters like he probably wants to with the people who voted for yam dreaming livery.


Jetphotos | Niclas Rebbelmund

She is just so incredibly beautiful…

I unfortunately don’t have any votes left, but make sure to vote for your own features request!

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Sorry but this is a duplicate.

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Oh, it is indeed a duplicate.

I’m both scared of the first word and also disappointed that I didn’t find it. Was searching for the “Luftwaffe A350-900” or “German air force A350-900”. Flagging myself for closure then.

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