Lufthansa's Last Ever MD-11F Aircraft

It is coming to the end of an era for the MD-11 freighter aircraft used by Lufthansa. Having served the German flag carrier’s fleet since 1998, the last of 19 aircraft is set to say its goodbyes by the end of the year as it is replaced by new Boeing 777 aircraft.

The Lufthansa Group’s last three-engine jet, which coincidentally is the last MD-11 registered in Europe, now displays messages saying «Goodbye» and «Thank you, MD-11» stamped on its fuselage. With this, Lufthansa Cargo salutes the model for its more than 23 years of service.

This aircraft is D-ALCC. According to data from, the jet is 23.13 years old, having been delivered in August 1998. Since delivery, it has undoubtedly clocked some miles. As of July 31st, the plane had flown for 95,517 hours (10.9 years), completing 17,865 flight cycles.

While it is the end of this particular aircraft’s Lufthansa journey, it is not the end of the line altogether. The plane is due to start a new life with Florida-based cargo carrier Western Global Airlines. It won’t be lonely either. The airline already has a fleet of 15 MD-11Fs, with some even coming from Lufthansa.

The last flights of the aircraft in question, D-ALCC, will be to Cairo, Tel Aviv, Chicago, and New York. Its last landing, at Frankfurt airport, is scheduled for noon on October 15, 2021.

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I think that is the one of the 2 new B777F that recently delivered


I got picture too.

I find the livery funny though. but i understand which during pandemic, the cargo demand are high and with the retirement of the MD11F plus the lack of replacement B777F, they just put all white XD


Wow, October 15 is such a sad day in aviation . We lose both Alitalia and Lufthansa’s Md11. It’s sad to see their Md-11s go.


Darn that sucks. It was a heck of a freighter.


D-ALCC had 2 coolest special livery.

1.) 100 Years Air Cargo Livery

2.) Aktion Deutschland Hilft (Action Germany Helps) Livery

Well, atleast we will see her very last livery « Goodbye » and « Thank you, MD-11 » stamped on its fuselage.

Photo Credit: planespotters


Gonna miss the trijets, believe fedex is retiring it’s last DC10s by 2023


Sad to see them go, I hope they get picked up by someone along the way.

Most ex Lufthansa Cargo MD11F are now in Western Global Airlines.

At least it will still be here on IF :)



Oh no buh-bye MD-11F it was a good plane

This is the only aircraft I fly in IF and mostly with Lufthansa cargo.

The Final Flight is already began. You can watch Planemania for Live via Youtube.

to Track via FlightRadar24 Flight Number LH8160

to Track via FlightAware Flight Number LH8160

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Rip md11f it was a good plane


Live on PlaneMania:

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Can you even post that?! Theres not enough Photoshop like the others!


You mean this one?

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Yes, that’s the one.

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