Lufthansa's first A320 final passenger flight

LH1005 from Brussels to Frankfurt was the final leg.
After nearly 30 years, on May 29,2019, D-AIPA flew it’s final leg as LH1005 from Brussels to Frankfurt.

Cockpit Crew:
Captain K. Brandes, Head of Flight Operations
Captain S. Unterbarnscheidt, A320 Fleet Chief
Captain Carsten Spohr, CEO of Lufthansa German Airlines

D-AIPA entry into service with Lufthansa:
October 16, 1989

Total Flight Hours:

Total Flight Cycles:

Thank you, Papa Alpha, it has been a pleasure to have you in our fleet.

The Crew of the final flight with our CEO, Carsten Spohr ( also an A320 Captain )

Captain Unterbarnscheidt gets the Side Stick as a gift

3 Follow Me cars escorted Papa Alpha to the parking position

Photos: © 2019 Deutsche Lufthansa


Did they remove the joystick assembly or what is it I’m seeing on the 2nd picture?


Yes they did and the captain got it as a gift :)


That’s pretty neat. Pretty large thing considering it’s electronic :)


This looks very interesting. But what aircraft is Lufthansa going to switch to without the A320? I’m quite confused.

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk The A320 Neo, among other aircrafts.

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be using that joystick assembly thing as weights too pump up my arms aha

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They’re not. It’s just that this is one of the oldest A320’s that exists. So this specific aircraft isretiring :) They’re not retiring the whole fleet.


You sure it’s only flown 56 fights over 71 hours?

Lufthansa’s A320 have often to fly less than 1 hour, specially the “normal“ A320 like D-AIPA was. Sometimes D-AIPA made 2 flights in 1 Hour, normal in Europe. It is very realistic

But to have only flown 71 hours in it’s life? I think he ment 71 thousand…

Read closely, D-AIPA flown around 71500Hours

So yes, 71 thousand and a little bit more

It has to be 71 thousand hours and 56 thousand. Over the course of 30 years, no way it has only flown for 71hrs and no more than so.

The numbers after the dot/punctuation does not resemble decimals. The way . is used in America Vs. Europe is different and same goes with the comma ,

So don’t read it as, *Seventy One Point Four Hundred, as that is incorrect in this circumstance.


That’s nice, but the question is:

“Will he be able to use that side stick for Infinite Flight?”

just kidding lol

In Germany we write fifty six thousand nine hundred eighty two 56.982 … but you remember me that like in the USA you write it like this: 56,982

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Dad: Why are you crying so dang loud?

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I can just see the meme in my head…

Your welcome ;)

I think there are a lot of possibilities you can use such a side stick for at home …

…i mean of course something like connect it to your car or cessna

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Haha! Just imagine steering your car using a side-stick! An aviators dream!