Lufthansa's 5 star rating

So I just found a video on one of my favorite aviation YouTube channels, Dantorp Aviation and found that Lufthansa has just earned a 5 star rating for a new seat that is not yet released. I don’t know how I feel about this so I wanted to ask some of the people that are/ have flow on Lufthansa before to tell me is they really do deserve this rating. I am flight on a flight with them in a July and I will then be able to see it for myself, but I just wanted to know what your guy’s view is on the airline. Here is the video that I found.

They recieved it over a month ago.
I think it is well deserved! Friendly staff, very good service, almost always on time, beautiful lounge.
However, I don’t think that they are better than Emirates, which is a 4-star-airline.


I watched that video. The airline is not worthy of it.

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They paid Skytrax enough, of course they’re worthy of it. I’m surprised that people still take them seriously.


I will admit SkyTrax can be dodgy with their ratings. They did give British Airways a 4 star rating. Despite the video I’m still going for Lufthansa and KLM being Europes best airlines. If we were this critical on airlines there would be no 5 start airlines in the world.
Just my two cents, have a nice day!

  • Yes, They are Worthy of 5 stars
  • No, Their not at all worthy

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I have never flown on Lufthansa but their service sounds incredible

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I flew with them to Nairobi on the Cityline 343. I was expecting it to be a little rundown as the aircraft was about 20 years old. Totally wrong to expect that as it looked almost new. Plus the food was awesome, the IFE was great, and then to top it all off the were walking around economy with bottles of wine after dinner and refilling your glass as much as possible. Crazy good airline.


Absolutely agree. Skytrax is basically a pay for your stars if reasonable.

Surprised how Emirates didn’t pay yet

I’ve flown with Lufthansa from the Denver to Frankfurt twice, and I must say both times were worth every penny and mile I used. Meals were of top quality, flight attendants were enthusiastic and attentive, and the lie-flat seat was comfortable (this was in business class). I’ve also flown with Lufthansa around Europe many times and have had great service on all my flights. In the video, Daniel does sound a bit harsh towards Lufthansa but that’s only natural. It’s what he’s supposed to do in a video like that, especially when comparing to an airline such as Qatar. I have never flown on another 5 star airline so I can’t judge whether or not Lufthansa is of the same quality as other 5 star airlines, but nonetheless you will probably have a great experience on Lufthansa. I wouldn’t hesitate to book a flight with them, and would highly recommend flying with them.

Cheers, and have fun traveling in July :)

In my opinion it is the crew to make every LH flight so special. They are so nice, kind and helpful. I actually never experienced an unfriendly LH flight attendant. Together with an awesome service (even in Economy class) and a great cabin product it makes them deserve their 5-star rating. ;)


Definitely a 5 star airline.

For comparison (from my experiences, Long Haul Only)

Lufthansa 5 Star
SAS 4 Star
Brussels 4 Star
BA 3 Star
(I flew WT+ one way, and it was very nice, though the economy product is lacking)

Trying out Delta to KEF in April (Economy Comfort)

I don’t disagree with your point but Singapore airlines in my option is rated just as highly. Giving Lufthansa 5 stars basically seems crazy when other airlines don’t have the same rating.

I love lufthansa’s service, although some things were not up to par. First off, the 747-8 seats are tiny in economy, and it was a real pain to be cramped up with so may people. Second thing, is that the food is usually not very tasty. I’ve flown with lufthansa trice now, and the tastiest meal I’ve had with them was a sandwich on an hour long flight (compared to 2 long hauls). The food was rather bland.

Overall, I think they maybe get a 5 star for everything but economy, which wasn’t outstanding at all.

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Lufthansa is really good, the best in Western Europe imo. Though they are really good, they have a lot to do to deserve the 5-Star rating. There are some better airlines with 4-Star ratings e.g Emirates and Thai.


I just don understand why they would give them a 5 star rating for something that is not yet out. But the pictures look cool!

Do they seriously not have direct aisle access?

The one thing about Lufthansa’s Business is that they are extremely tight. That’s what I’ve seen on videos.

The golden age of flying is over.

Those are the current seats…