Lufthansa Virtual Group Official Website Lauch

On behalf of @Bulba, @Matt_Elphick, and @Sam1 I am proud to present the official website for Lufthansa Virtual Group here…


Don’t you already have a thread for the airline?
And why is there Swiss and Austrian as well? Leave it for somebody else who’s doing it properly.


I join Bavaria for this, I know that Swiss is already owned by @Nick_Art


@BavariaAVIATION @Flying-Switzerland contact @sam1 or @bulba with your questions. I just made the website. Sorry if you don’t like it :(

Clap Clap. @Bluepanda900 Very nice home screen for the website main page. Also the route page is quite impressive aswell. On the website itself you did a great job. One of the nicest VA websites I have seen.

The fleet section could use improvement though. Swiss B777-200Lr? Ouch. And also Swiss and Austrian are independent Virtual Airline ;)

Thanks for the feedback! As for the liveries you’ll have to contact @sam1 and @bulba

Whose picture is that one on the events page?
That’s a group flight of Team Germany, I am the A330.


I signed up, waiting for reply

That is @xpheros check the photo credits page for more info.

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