Lufthansa & United Are In Talks With TAP Portugal to Acquire a Stake In The Airline

Lufthansa along with United Airlines are in talks with TAP Portugal to acquire a stake in the airline.


TAP Portugal’s ownership is currently distributed like this:

  • 50% owned by the Portuguese government
  • 45% owned by Atlantic Gateway which is led by David Neeleman.
  • 5% owned by employees.

Due to translations, this may be a bit innacurate:

Option 1: Lufthansa is currently interested in buying 50% of what David Neeleman controls in Atlantic Gateway.

Option 2: Lufthansa wants to acquire the entire Atlantic Gateway 45% stake in TAP Portugal.

“The negotiations between Neeleman and a major European airline for the sale of its position in TAP are very advanced. It is certain that they are not yet closed, but they are very advanced ”

If TAP is acquired by Lufthansa or if Lufthansa acquires a minority stake, this could easily advance TAP’s partnership with United Airlines, such as joining the transatlantic Joint Venture.

TAP is already a member of Star Alliance, which is the same alliance Lufthansa and United are in.


What if United, and Lufthansa buy stakes, imagine the fight 😂

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