Lufthansa to Sunny Portugal! EDDF-LPFR

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I flew from Frankfurt to Faro for the IFATC, haven’t been around IFATC a lot as I usually tend to fly in the US on the days that IFATC aren’t there either so this was a refreshing change to be around 50+ players!

Plane: Lufthansa A320-200

Initial climb out of EDDF

Climbing and reaching cruise over France

No, I’m not turning in this picture. This is turbulence I was going in a straight line and wasn’t turning at all and this is what turbulence did. Seatbelt sign definitely came on.

Over the Bay of Biscay

Making the descent into Faro

Here I am on final as planes hold short of the runway

Crossing over the threshold of 28 right before touchdown

Pulling into Stand 2 as an Iberia A321 gets ready to go to Madrid and a Ryanair 737-800 arriving from Eindhoven
Hope you Enjoyed!


Some really stunning pictures of one of the nicest liveries in the sky. Great scenery as well, thanks for sharing!

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Yep! Gotta love all these great liveries!

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