Lufthansa to retire A380s and 747s?

Some groundbreaking news hit the aviation world today, and it is unfortunately related to more aircraft retirements. So far, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many airlines to retire icons of their fleet, most notably the British Airways 747. However, today it was originally reported by Bloomberg that Lufthansa is planning on retiring most of its smaller A340 fleet, its older 747s, and all of its remaining A380 fleet. If Lufthansa retires all of those planes, it could add up to 48 total aircraft being sent to the graveyard. These quad-engined aircraft have been staples of the German carriers fleet, and they are the current largest operator of the A340. Read more about this in the article linked:


Lufthansa’s been considering this for a while since COVID began.

In late April, the Lufthansa Group said they would cut about 100 aircraft.

Last month, it was reported that the Lufthansa Group was evaluating the retirement of all A380s, 747-400s, and A340s:

Now it’s being reiterated again, this time by Bloomberg, so it seems like this decision to retire the types may materialize.

We should hear something in about 9-10 days.


There whole A380 and i believe just the 747-400. Still shows how strong the 747 is

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@Ishrion yes, this new story seems like it will be more likely to happen
@Zak_Plant correct, their -8s will remain in the fleet, as far as I know fortunately

It’s very sad to see because of the virus so many 747 operators left. Lufthansa will hopefully at least keep the 747-800i, but who knows how long this will continue for. Even Thai decided to retire :(. At least we know Air India and China Airlines are still using them for commercial use (the ones I know of at least).


Just 8i

Believe these are going to be used rarely or not at all

All four of China Airlines’ passenger 747-400s have been grounded since March, but Air China has been using their 744s recently.

Air India has one active 747-400 flying domestically, mostly between Delhi and Hyderabad.

Yeah Air India uses it domestically

Oh I didn’t hear about Air China, but I hope China Airlines doesn’t let them go.

Best chance I have is taking the LH 747-8i from LAX to FRA

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If you don’t feel like backtracking, Lufthansa’s also using the 747-8 on Chicago to Frankfurt

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The longer the merrier on the Queen :)

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I wonder what Lufthansa will send to KSAN, instead of the a340-300 😞

Probably an A350 or a 787 when those are delivered

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I really hope they converte there A380s since they said they have plans on that to freighter

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Saw it once and saw the Iraqi one too

It seems as if a decision has been made/will be made soon by the Lufthansa management on the future of the A380, most A340-300s and the B747-400. It doesn’t look too good from what I heard.

The saddest part is that this will cut even more jobs at an already badly hit company.


I would suggest the A330, as it should be well capable for such flights.


The 747-400s were expected to be retired around 2021 as the 777X got incorporated in the fleet so it isnt that much of a move up along with the 787 retiring the A343s. Those developments had been talked about before COVID hit. The major news is the A380 but seeing as how other operators have decided that the A380 was not worthwhile before COVID and especially now with COVID it shouldnt be a surprise that Lufthansa wants to send those out to pasture. The simple fact is that LH had overcapacity before COVID with those and pressure to reduce emissions playing a key role in cutting off their quad jets. I wouldnt be surprised if the 748s gets a fleet reduction either.

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Still it’s a major change as neither the B787 nor the B777X are anywhere near delivery, which is a huge problem for employees. Also a cut of at least 100 planes wasn’t on the cards at all.

The decision to retire A380s will be next week. 744s and A346s are pretty much dead.