Lufthansa to operate A350s from Frankfurt

Lufthansa has today announced, that they are going to operate four A350s on flights to/from Frankfurt for the Winter season.

Originally all 16 A350s currently in the fleets are based in Munich, but do to the current situation and reduced flight numbers, just seven will be used during the winter season. As these aircraft are the most efficient in LH’s fleet, it makes sense to use four from Frankfurt instead of having them sitting around somewhere.

The A350s are set to operate from Frankfurt to Chicago and Los Angeles with the beginning of the winter schedule, replacing the B747-8, and from Frankfurt to Tokyo/Haneda beginning in December, replacing the A340-300 on that route.

To demonstrate the amount of fuel savings, Lufthansa calculated, that the A350-900 burns 12% less fuel in comparison to the B747-8, which does not only save costs, but is also a important step in reducing CO2 emissions.

Sadly, this decision will further impact Lufthansa crews in Frankfurt as the A350 is solely staffed out of the Munich base, leaving even less routes for Frankfurt based crews, which is fortunately currently covered in a way by German government support, but fears of layoffs amid this lack of demand for flights are more then understandable.

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Yay cuz I’ll get two lufty A350s daily, but nay cuz I’m yet to spot D-ABYA

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Sorry, but no. Just no

Would be interesting to know if that means 12% less fuel per seat or 12% less fuel overall what would be pretty obvious since it has two engines less.

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No comment… ;)

Pretty sure they mean overall, even though I would have expected that the reduction would be greater. Not too sure here though.

D-ABYA is really a nice plane, but hopefully the B747-8 will remain in Lufthansa‘s fleet for quite some time!

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UPDATE: With the further worsening COVID situation in Germany the Lufthansa management yesterday has once again informed its employees that further cuts are more than likely and some were already confirmed, with many planes being stored again over the winter month.
Regarding this topic it was announced, that another 4 A350s not needed in Munich might be transferred to Frankfurt, which would bring the total to 8.
This is not yet confirmed to happen though.

Also the ferry flights from MUC to FRA will not be true ferry flights, as the A350 will be ferried on regular commercial flights, for example on the 30th October as LH099.



Since India lifted from banning LH flights, i guess LH need more long haul aircraft now a days. A350 is the best choice.

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I would rather argue, that although India is an option again, Lufthansa still has far too many planes, including A350s.

It is and that’s also the reason, why I understand the reasoning behind doing as many long-haul flights as possible with the A350.

As long as (business) demand isn’t there (and cargo demand doesn’t compensate it on a route), the A350 is a much better choice compared to the B747-8.

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i’m aware of it, the other option would be A330. but A350 is more efficient. I don’t think A346, B744 or B748 is the best aircraft too use at the moment since pandemic is still around and less passengers flying around the world, i think it’s the best stratedy right now.

good thing A380 is in long storage just incase when pandemic is over. It also sad on the B777x delay which it would be another option to use

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I don’t follow, it’s a 12% saving whether you express it per seat or as a proportion of the total…

sad @Moritz noises

Dallas pls. Currently scheduled 3x weekly from December using 2x A340-300s and 1x A330-300.

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Meh, I‘m fed up by only seeing them and almost no other heavies anyway, not a really big loss spotting wise

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It is. B747-8 is great cargo wise, but as the decisions show, the B744 and A346 don’t have a chance in the moment sadly.

Nothing confirmed so far if the 4 additional ones will be transferred to FRA and if yes, where they will be flying. Would argue that the A330s aren’t going to be replaced by the A350 anytime soon, but you never know!

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i Agree on that on the cargo side but they need to carry passengers too. while A330, A346, B747, are big smaller than B748. But the downside is about efficiency. Sad, no more Stairs on A346.

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That’s true and we do see this reflected in the decisions by Lufthansa management as well :)

They might be, but from what I’ve heard from some friends who work at LH, the 748 doesn’t meet the promises made by Boeing and is less efficient than expected as a consequence


True. it is less efficient than the B777F. That’s why they wanted to retire the B748 earlier than their required age until B777x will replace them. But since the delivery of B777X are delayed and now with pandemic, They have to stick on B748 as their Flagship. Since, lack of A350 at the moment for long haul.

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That’s very interesting to hear! I still think it’s the best cargo plane currently in the pax fleet, but definitely not competitive (enough) regarding the A350 apparently.

I would argue that is more caused by the lack of long-hauls out of Munich in the moment, but a B777X would be a interesting competitor for the B747-8 in the moment for sure!

Munich uses: A330, A346, A350, A380 while
Frankfurt uses: A330, A343, A346, B744, B748, A380

i think Frankfurt uses more long haul aircraft than munich.since, retiring and storage most of long haul aircraft, it’s their only option to use A350. They can still put the new A350 delivery aircraft in munich with their new business class. :-)

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