Lufthansa strike (again!)

A never ending story. Lufthansa and their pilots striking because they are soo poor and not able to live well… How can Emirates pilots even buy food?

What do they want? Do they really think that they are deserving more?
They are destroying their company with these strikes because customers and especially business people need a reliable airline. They are changing. Airlines have to fight for passengers.

What is your opinion?

(They are going to strike on Tuesday and Wednesday again, but they will continue these if they don’t get what they want.)


Well they want a higher pay , if it’s not up to standards then I don’t blame them. Lufthansa are destroying the company by not coming to a resolution.

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They are very very well payed…

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I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. However this opens up the door to new, enthusiastic pilots who don’t want to go on strike. Gives them more exposure in the airline.


Might want to back up what you said.[quote=“D-ABNJ, post:3, topic:80725, full:true”]
They are very very well payed…

“67 Lufthansa Airlines Employee Salaries. Lufthansa Airlines employees earn $40,000 annually on average, or $19 per hour, which is 42% lower than the national salary average of $61,000 per year.”


I can understand that they want higher wages since the last raise was in 2011, just because you earn a lot it doesn’t mean that the wages can’t be raised from time to time. I think the 20% stated in the news have an influence on the common opinion, however these 20% are just the summed up wage raises for 5 years (since 2011). So in fact the pilots want to get moderate raises to compensate inflation, maybe overcompensate.

However, i don’t see the point why they are on strike for such a long time although LH offered further negotiations. This just destroys LH’s reputation and also the reputation of the pilots.

Totally different numbers:

If that was the case then surely they wouldn’t be striking, emirates or other big airlines do not have this problem, not even BA

Well, what employees are included in that numbers? The most experienced pilot earn up to 250 000€ a year, they may be just a few, but i think the 19$ average just comes from the hundreds of lower payed employees, maybe cleaning personnel or (if the LSG is included in the numbers) the caterers, LH also has lounges and check in staff that may be more or less low payed, especially when they are working at airports in countries with extremely low wages

And all of the easyjet, ryanair + germanwings Pilots are crying

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I hope this is a chance for AirBerlin to shine

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