Lufthansa Starts Operating Airbus A350 to Delhi

This news in nearly 10 days old and no one uploaded it so I thought I should but I am waiting for them to operate a350s to Mumbai :)


Because no one cares about the A350.

On the serious note, I think because no one heard the news.


How many A350s does Lufthansa have? They seem to be opening a lot of routes with them lately.

Honestly I love watching all these airliners purchase the A350. Does anyone else agree?

I agree with you @LAHockey

They only have 1 according to Wikipedia

I was just looking through their twitter I found now they are planning for Mumbai soon and more about the Delhi Flight

I only really like the A350-1000 the -900 is just ugly to me for some reason…

I do agree with you there.

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