Lufthansa Starts Munich-Denver Today!

My hometown’s newest international route is inaugurated today! Now we have two daily Lufthansa flights, one to FRA and one to MUC!


Do you know what aircraft will be used to fly the Frankfurt-Denver route?

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Just checked on FR24, it’s an A333. It’s crossing Ontario. So glad that MUC is finally receiving some good intl routes!


It starts with an A330-300, and later will upgauge to a A340-600


ahh ok. I really like both planes :)

The A340 is beautiful in LH colors! Hence my username…

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Me too! LH used to alternate between the 346 and the 744 on the DEN-FRA route. That route has been soley a 744 for about 5 years now. I’m glad to get the airbuses back as I missed them! And they come along with the 744, rather than in leu of it! :)

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I would agree! Their livery suits the plane so elegantly!

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