Lufthansa | SEA-FRA | Boeing 747-400

Hey IFC!
I have to say, I don’t get to fly Lufthansa a lot but when I do I love it! They have such a unique fleet! Added bonus to this route is that for the first hour the mountains are absolutely insane. Flying over the cascades is always incredible.
Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122 Heavy
The photos are ready for eyeballs!
Immediately a fantastic volcano upon spawning in
Cleared for takeoff, runway 34R, UVAL122 heavy

Positive rate of climb, gear up

Climbing to cruise

Made it to cruise! Dinner time.

Last glimpse of sun on us and the beautiful mountains

Flying up past the moon

Sunrise over Iceland

Final 25L

Safe landing in FRA

I hope y’all enjoyed!


That would be Mount Rainier :)

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Nice pictures. Looks like you had a little crosswind on takeoff :D

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Such a beautiful airliner in a great livery! Brings back so many memories of watching the Queen at FRA. Hope she’ll still be around when I am there the next time, but I am very optimistic regarding this.

Thanks for sharing these fantastic pictures!

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I can not land the 747, looks like you did! Great pics!

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Yeah you got to remember that the cockpit is higher from the ground then other planes. It is on the second floor, so you have to flare earlier and act like you are landing higher from the runway.

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