Lufthansa’s New 777-9x Bussiness Class announced!

Lufthansa just recently announced their new business class due to debut on their first 777x-9 in 2020!
The configuration will be in an altering 1-2-1 and 1-1-1 layout thus giving EVERY passenger direct isle access.
When adjusting your seat there will also be an option to change where your shoulders are giving more or less support for your liking.
Pictures show that you will be able to adjust the angle of the seat with a tablet in the seat.
Now for the pics:

This one shows the layout it looks awful close to UA’s Polar class on their 777-300er’s
What do you think about this change? Let me know below!



I personally think the layout (1-1-1) to (1-2-1) is a bit weird. Would the price be different for all the extra room the middle seat has in (1-1-1)? Or would it all be the same because its the same class? I dont know but they should
Consider making it all 1-2-1.


United is updating their Polaris business class on their 773’s to a 1-2-1.

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I read some more and they are trying to put as many seats in as possible

Well, they might has well do the 1-2-1 for business then.

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The trend in Bussiness class is turning into a (slightly) nicer economy, it is turning into economy where they try to put as many seats as possible. But with an amazing product if people have the money they will spend it on the nice seats not cramped ones. Look at Etihad’s the residence those are huge and making profit along with Emirates suites and Singapore Airlines new First Suites.

Well if I was flying in Lufthansa’s buisness class I would make sure I got the 1 seat, much more spacious then the 2s. I personally like this change, because if you decide to travel with a partner- you can do so right next to each other, but if you want to travel by yourself, you can chose the 1 seat


Interesting observation!

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Thank you- and yours was great as well :)

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Wasn’t really an observation I found this when I had autoplay on YouTube
EDIT: Spelling

Not really, can you cite examples? More airlines are improving their business class hard and soft product as well as providing aisle access. High spend business travelers are looking for a great experience.

If you read through the link it says that they are tryin to fit the most passengers in

You mentioned that it was a trend.

In airlines changing the configuration to a more herringbone style layout sorry for the confusion

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That doesn’t necessarily make it a nicer economy class though. Seating density has always been important in the limited real estate of an aircraft cabin. The term you may want to use instead is high-density.


Ok thank you! I couldn’t find a word to describe it

JetBlues mint products has a similar dilemma. It alternates between 1-1 configuration and a 2-2 configuration. The 1-1 is much more spacious, yet costs the same as the 2-2, it’s just luck of the draw. I wonder if Lufthansa would price them differently, or is they would be the same like JetBlue.


Quite early to release seats lol

In all honesty, it looks pretty simple for something slated for a 2020 release.


Looks awesome 😍

I can’t wait seeing it becoming reality 💛