Lufthansa’s crazy 11hour A319 route!

Pune is not at sea level, so performance is reduced

This is interesting, very interesting. Well I’ll have to read up on this and I’ll be back, maybe, possibly, with a essay to write or nvm, I’ll do it now, i don’t have much to say about this ;P

But at first glance, this is a very odd move on their part. I really wonder, who on earth will be willing to fly a cramped A320 for 11hrs, although a stopover in Baku it seems like, i’d still pick anything else over this.

Hmm, I don’t think they are playing dumb here, Lufthansa most likely knows what they are doing but only time will tell how well this route works for them, both financially and service wise. It’ll be very interesting indeed, to see how they’ll manage to operate this route.

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As i research about the former partnership PrivatAir, all fleets are for business purposes. i guess A319 in business class only.

Tough isn’t it a rule passengers have to be disembarked when the plane is refueling I heard that somewhere can someone tell me

Well A319 is quite small… and only business means less seats… I don’t see how they’ll profit taking in account all the fuel costs and slots and stuff

When is the first flight? Couldn’t find it in the article but maybe I missed it.

@Capt.SkyWalker knows I think… he’s the one who provided me the link 😛

Check the seating plan in the article it’s not all business😂😂

because that is Original seating plan of A319. but i think they use 2-2 configuration. they dont change the seats.

i have been on LH A319, A320 and A321 but the business class seats are like economy seats 3-3 configuration but nobody is seating in the middle seat.

There probably going to change all the seats into lie flat like British airways a318

They won’t, just a normal mainline A319

But for B777X they will have new Business seats

Imo they didn’t want to reopen this route without a partner airline… but due to the pressure from big firms they had no choice so they just placed the last aircraft that could do this route.

Sounds like hell to me then that route won’t last

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