Lufthansa’s B747-8 Business class - FLIGHT REVIEW

Business class on Lufthansa’s 747-8

Worth the money, or further evidence disapproving their 5-star rating

An honest review by an honest German

Hello there, if you’re an active IFC member, you might have seen me around. Recently, I had the Privilege of flying to South Africa, Johannesburg. Even better, I had the privilege of flying Lufthansa’s business class in the queen of the skies, the beautiful Boeing 747. As an aviation geek, I decided to take some photos during the journey, and present it here: a website full of aviation geeks. Let me know how you like it, Mauritius Air Business class and South African Business class Review to follow in the next 2 to 3 weeks :).

Before we start
Before you join me on this South bound journey to South Africa, I’d like to say that I’m lucky enough to fly Lufthansa’s Business class quite often, thanks to the Miles and more Programme (See the end of the flight report for more info and how to gain miles quickly), and a family member being a senator with over 1.1 million miles due to frequent business travels around Europe and the world. I’m not saying this to- as the youths would call it- “flex on you”, I’m saying this because you should know I already have the experience and therefore an opinion. Whilst I think the Lufthansa Business class is amazing, should it be 5 star worthy benchmarking it to other world class business classes from airlines such as emirates, Singapore, and more? So is Lufthansa’s Business class worth the money, or further evidence disapproving their 5-star rating?At the end of the report I’ll answer that question from my perspective. (See section: Hot, or not?). I’ll shut up now, here is my report of the flight!

Flight Information

Flight number: LH 572
Departure ICAO: EDDF (Frankfurt am Main international airport)
Arrival ICAO: FAOR (O. R. Tambo International Airport)
Departure time: 22:00 German time (GMT +2)
Seat: 85K (upper deck)
Class: Business class
Aircraft: Lufthansa B747-8

Boarding and pre-takeoff service
Welcome to Frankfurt am main international airport, terminal 1, gate Z62. Before me (picture above) is the beauty that will take us on this relatively short 9:45 journey to “the north of South Africa”, Johannesburg. Boarding started slightly delayed at 21:40 with the planned time being 21:20. Families with little kids board first, then HON circle, senators, first, and business class passengers. Within 5 minutes I had gone up the stairway to the upper deck, and was sitting in my seat 85K (window seat, of course)(see picture below).

Note that Lufthansa’s 747s are equipped with a business’s class section taking up the whole of the upper deck, along with a small business class section at the lower deck (if your flying Lufthansa’s 747 in business class and want to be on the upper deck, at least row 79 is necessary). And here comes the first big brownie point for Lufthansa. Their crew are incredibly friendly. A mix of young and old, man and women, you will see every single crew member’s smile. Next brownie point, free magazines (yes you can keep them). I think they were all German though. Being not only an aviation geek but also a football fanatic, ‘SPORT Bild’ was the one for me.

Brownie point number three: a choice of orange juice, water, Rosé Prosecco, and white champagne, along with an offer to take my jacket and hang it in the wardrobe. So far, this is what I would call a 5 star experience. All though there were only 2 stewardesses in charge for about 10 rows of business class (2-2 layout due to the smaller space in the upper deck), you feel welcomed, and most importantly, taken care of, within minutes of being on board. With more delays due to the busy “long haul rush” (most long hauls depart at this time making airports very busy) we were handed out the menus, to which I’ll come later. Overall, flawless experience so far in Lufthansa’s B747-8 Business class.

The Food
And now to the important part: food. The menu consists of three choices for starter (meat, fish, vegetarian option), three choices for mains (meat, fish, vegetarian option) and three choices for dessert (meat, fish, and vegetarian option, just kidding of course). Have a look yourself:

Now excuse my French, but that sounds ******* delicious. What would you have taken? After reaching our cursing altitude of FL370, we were served some nuts (classic) and a drink from the bar, I went for a ginger Ale, and our orders were taken. Went for the angus beef, salmon, and blueberry and coconut cream, at least that was the plan. They’re out of salmon. But I’m sitting in the 6th row of business class? Slightly annoying as it looked and smelt good, but the substitute which was the vegetable curry did its job, in fact it was delicious. Similarly, the starter (even though it was cold, Lufthansa’s starters are always cold, but I was already cold, so now I was cold cold), the side salad, and the dessert, along with the crispy warm bread bun, completed what was a very good meal. I watched one movie, but due to the late departure I was tired so I went to sleep directly after dinner. Woken up at 1:36 prior to landing, breakfast and coffee was served. I don’t personally like eggs that are made from powder, so I went for the waffles. A small but sufficient breakfast (on flights to America where it’s not a night flight you usually get a warm soup or some kind of small dinner prior to landing). And that’s it for food folks. According to my dad, there were some snacks lying around where the stewardesses sit and gossip about each and every passenger, for people that were hungry in between. Food was good. Breakfast slightly underwhelming but if I’d have to rate it out of 10, gotta be a solid 8.5.

The seat
(See picture above) One word: comfortable. Soft material, a lovely pillow, and an electric remote to turn it from a seat to a flat out bed. I’m 6 foot, and I has space. A soft mattress that you could put on the seat along with a blanket were also provided. In terms of the amenities, there was everything you need. Toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, hand creme, lip balm, headphone covers, eye mask, ear plugs, and a special Lufthansa Pyjama shirt are the things I remember. In the business class bathrooms you can also find razors, shaving Creme, hair brushes, and women’s necessities. An important part of the seat: the IFE (In-flight Entertainment Programme). The screen is definitely big enough, and you have hundreds of movies, classics to new releases, series from funny to documentary, kids channels, and even games and music. No matter how fussy you may be, there’s definitely something there for everyone. The seat is as good as it gets, although some barrier for privacy if you’re traveling alone might be something to look into or Lufthansa, you are quite close to your neighbors head (romantic, but involuntary). Seat? Gotta be a 9.5/10. Good job Lufthansa, BA might want to take note.

So, hot or not?
The big question, is it worth the money? Paying with miles and more I’m not sure how much the ticket usually costs, but’s some quick research showed me that the price lies shortly above the 3000€ mark. My British side is going to have to show here when I say that that’s bloody expensive. But given that I really appreciated having a comfy bed to sleep in, a good meal, and a friendly service, I think upgrading from an economy ticket to business is worth it. Paying for this ticket with cash would still be worth it but I feel like 3k for a 9:45 min flight off which 5-7 you’ll be asleep, is a bit much. However, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this experience again. Back to my question posed at the beginning of this post, yes, this is still a 5 star worthy experience.

How to get your own BC seat quickly
Having appreciated the better comfort and food, I want you guys and girls reading this who haven’t flown business class before to be able to do the same. Miles and more, a system by which you collect miles and can use them to upgrade your flight seat, is probably the cheapest or maybe even quickest way of getting that 5 star experience. Getting a Lufthansa credit card so with each purchase you get a couple of miles, flying star alliance airlines to collect miles, and many more methods can be used. Just FYI, upgrading to first class is something I would probably never do. 200.000 miles per upgrade, and you would have to purchase a business class ticket (you can only upgrade one class).

If you’ve made it to the end, thanks and congrats, I hope this wasn’t too long or over the top but there’s a comment section below and I’m open to any feedback, help, or further questions. Thanks for your time, rate my post below, and let me know if I should do the same with Air Mauritius and South African Business class!

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I am not rich or spoilt. Thanks to my father having an awesome job where he gets to travel around the world and collect Miles, he can use them to make our holidays more comfortable. Trust me, there are a lot of downsides with his job as well, he’s away most of the time.


Some more pictures that didn’t make it:


Very well written review! Personally, I too would prefer a business class seat on a red-eye flight (Always flying monkey class tho). That is where you really need the bed.
Did you feel a lot more rested compared to an economy flight?

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Thanks Emil! Red-eye and monkey class, never heard those before, hope they aren’t meant to be mocking :-| Personally, I was still quite tired and that’s one thing I actually forgot to mention. From taking off to finishing the meal, 2 hours of flight time were gone. Being woken for breakfast at 1;36 hours before landing, means that you get a maximum of about 6 hours of sleep! I’m like a sloth, I need loads of sleep, so whilst I felt rested, I was still tired. Great question!

So what’s the other evidence?

Nice trip report, it’s very well formatted and interesting to read what it’s like at the front of the plane 😉.

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Monkey Class: Economy seats

Red-eye: Very Late or early flights in the night!

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Being compared to other airlines such as emirates, Qatar, Singapore, all nippon, Swiss, some criticize the 5 star rating for the business class. I can only compare it to Hawaiian and United and it’s better than those two, but I would understand people saying that Lufthansa and Singapore or emirates are not on the same level. Thanks azure!

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I guessed that, but am wondering if economy class being referred to as the class of the monkeys might be a little mocking lol. Thanks for the clarification anyways!

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May I ask what the registration of the plane was. There’s a chance I flew in the same seat as you over a year ago!

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6 hours of sleep is great for a flight, at least for myself :))
Red-Eye flights are night flights like the one you went on.
Monkey Class is just another term for economy class :)


According to it was D-ABYC

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Bummer. I flew on D-ABYH

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Wow! Great review (and pictures!)

I’d love to fly the 747-8i, but I’ve only flown the -400 so far :(

Very excited for Lufthansa to start flying here with the 747-8i in March though, which I’ll definitely try to fly in Business!

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Awesome! Great report, lots of detail and pics make it awesome! Great job, I hope you do more!😃👍🏻

is it just me or is The window mountain pic kinda looks like mountains in ID

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Ahhh shame that would have been funny if we were the exact same seat

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Thanks! How cool that they’ll fly the 747-8 to where you live!

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Did you mean IF as I’m infinite flight? If yes then I agree ahaha looks quite similar! Compliment to the IF team I guess. Thanks for the kind words!

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They are putting the A380 on the Munich to San Francisco route instead of from Frankfurt, and we’ll get the 748 instead!

Really excited for it!

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I live in Munich! Good to see the 747 coming to EDDM, so far the only queens we’ve had is from air bridge cargo

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Nice Trip Report! Enjoyed reading it. As a Lufthansa Status Customer myself, here are some more tips regarding miles:
First of all, Miles & More isn’t really the most rewarding frequent flyer program. Cheap Economy Tickets aren’t worth any miles. Business and Flex tickest will pay off. I recommend flying on United and Singapore Airlines, those flights will give you plenty of miles even though their not booked in a high booking category.

My personal experience of LH‘s long haul business class is always solid, but there are some things which simply aren’t 5*, even though it’s my all time fav airline. Crews are outstanding, catering is almost always on point (at least from MUC and FRA), great Entertainment Programm, clean airplanes, great Lounges and a good and solid Customer Service. The biggest issue I have is the seat, but that’s basically the most important part: your paying a whole lot of money to get a MIDDLE SEAT if you’re unlucky (B747). No privacy at any seat, no aisle access when sitting at the window. Getting a full serving of food on demand after main dinner is impossible in most cases I have experienced. I’m very much looking forward to fly their updated Business Class introducing on the B779, I actually can’t understand why it’s not on the A359 already.

Overall it’s a solid product, but at least for me it’s completely enough to buy an Eco ticket, use the lounges, reserve an emergency exit row seat for free during check in and enjoy the very good eco class service. When using Miles, exclusively book the Meilenschnäppchen.