Lufthansa Retiring Some A380s, 747s, A340s, & A320s Immediately


Just announced by Lufthansa minutes ago.

As part of restructuring, Lufthansa will be retiring some aircraft immediately.

  • 6 A380s
  • 5 747-400s
  • 7 A340-600s
  • 3 A340-300s (Lufthansa CityLine)
  • 11 A320s
  • 10 Eurowings A320s.

The six A380s were already set to be retired by 2022 as they were scheduled to be sold to Airbus. However, they’re now accelerating the retirement.


Sad to see these go. Ironically, Lufthansa is the only airline in the world operating the A380 at the moment as it has two A380s flying between New Zealand and Germany as repatriation flights.


Going to miss clicking around on FR24 and finding @Moritz’ whale 😢


Not sure if I’m misunderstanding this, but did they just slash Germanwings completely?

In addition, the implementation of Eurowings objective of bundling flight operations into only one unit, which was defined before the crisis, will now be accelerated. Germanwings flight operations will be discontinued. All options resulting from this are to be discussed with the respective unions.

I read about this on Simple Flying just half an hour ago. Tbh I’m kinda happy that they are retiring A380s.

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Ah, they’re just merging Germanwings with Eurowings I guess?

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That’s what I understood though I’m not 100% sure.

Nvm they slashed GermanWings which was a subsidiary of EuroWings so most likely EuroWings will acquire their planes.

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I didn’t realize that Germanwings wasn’t already merged with Eurowings 😂


Yeah, I thought they stopped flying years ago


Why are you happy that they’re retiring the A380?

Anyways this is really sad. In my personal opinion I feel its a bit of an overreaction to the issue. If you really think about it, no other airline is retiring such a number of aircraft due to the current problems.

Why are you happy !?? Why ? Now you have to explain it

I don’t really like the A380 because it rivals the 747. Dont get me wrong, the circumstances that are causing their retirement is not good but overall that’s just my opinion.

So the A380 isn‘t my favorite aircraft, too but I still like it …
No need for a long discussion ! The era of this kind of aircraft is over …

I’m gonna second that, it was bound to happen, it doesn’t look that good, it’s just big, that’s all it’s got going, it’s for the most part uneconomical, at best razor thin margins it sounds like, and it’s a gas guzzler in an age where efficiency is king. Maybe I’m just crazy, but I really don’t mind when aircraft get retired, for the most part they make way for more comfortable, more economical, and more polar bear friendly aircraft, what’s to lose? 🤷🏻‍♂️

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RIP aviation industry ☠️☠️☠️

Finally for these, only took like 10 billion years. Sad to see the others go though. :(

Interesting, apparently there can’t be any competition? 😉

@Ishrion do you think that Lufthansa would completely slash GermanWings? Are they really in such a desperate position to do that? It all seems like an overreaction to me.

There is no Germanwings anymore … this airline‘s time is over :(

I think this was planned for a while.

On the Lufthansa branch lines, Germanwings will at least gradually disappear as a brand - Lufthansa is unifying old and new European routes away from the Frankfurt and Munich hubs to the “Eurowings” brand.

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Not the Lufthansa Hair Drier aircrafts!

I will miss hugely the 747’s and A320’s.
Not the A380 tho.

Ice Bear if I may 😛 (A inside joke among my friends) ;)

The A380 retiring is inevitable. It would happen at some point during this decade for most airlines. As for LH, an overreaction or just the beginning of end of much harsher adjustments ti come from various airlines we don’t know yet. As this pandemic bends and blends into society, it’s a matter if time when a major airline may fall, or pick themselves up and fly higher than ever.

Personally I’m happy, I took the opportunity to fly with Lufthansa’s 747-400 back in 2018 to Osaka (Kansai Int’l). This journey was done with their currently oldest 747-400 in operation (Lucky me) and this route FRA-KIX has since last year in March been replaced with Munich - Kansai and A359. Even though I have never flown the A380, and would very much like to do so, we’ll see if the future allows me board one. But till then, the downfall of many but also upbringing of plenty will be seen.

Wish the Aviation Industry the Best, and that most airlines major and minor can find themselves in profit gaining streaks again ✈️

Thanks Ishiron for sharing news as always, and engaging this community in discussion regarding RWA, in both good and not so good times, appropriate it 👍

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