Lufthansa Retires Part of their A340-600 Fleet

So I just saw that lufthansa will rentire some of the A346’s but does anyone know what will happen to those aircraft? It seems too young for those birds to get scrapped so they must be going somewhere. I tried finding out but reached dead ends. If anyone knows about their future I’d like to know 😀


It may say storage but if no buyer is found unfortunately they will end up being scrapped. Not many airlines even want them so I think that’s the fate of them.


A340’s are dying out and thats just the truth. They aren’t in production because they are too expensive to operate. So no one is going to buy them meaning the parts will be sold to other airlines.


What doesn’t makes much sense is that they’ll keep the older A343 but get rid of the newer A346


sadly Chatta290 is correct airlines probably wont buy them due to being fuel inefficent so unless bought privately they unfortunately will be scrapped.

Has this been retired on the flights to Philadelphia?

IAG could take them up, and transfer them to IB or Level.

Hmm… Most of the lufthansa a340 would operate in Munich to the world (if I’m right) I think they are retiring them and replacing it with a350-900 (for Munich to the world)

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Some will be stored to be reactivated sometime. I´ve heard that some will be coming back soon, since they´re needed again.
LH is also planning to move some A346 back to Frankfurt in exchange to the A380s going to MUC.

LH is undergoing quite an interesting fleet development. I´m quite excited to see how this is continuing.


You must remember however, the A340-300 was very different from the -600 design wise.

Taken from the Airbus website, the 343 has a range of 13500km and lifts around 277 people while the 346 has a range of 14450km while carrying 326 people. The -600 was meant as a shorter range -500 with the bigger cabin and the more powerful engines. The smaller engines also mean less maintenance and fuel burn and therefore a more competitive CASM compared to the -600 going up against the 77W/35K. If I remember correctly the A340 was designed for the 343 anyways, with the original IAE Superfan being the powerplant of choice before the last minute swap to the CFM56s giving the plane it’s reputation of taking advantage of the earth’s curvature to lift off. The longer stretched “A340NG” was not as optimised for the missions and was soundly beaten by the much better 77W. If Airbus had the -600 just 10 years earlier, things may have been different for the plane but it was too little, too late.

The 343 also has the added advantage of occupying an area in LH not currently taken by anything else. The 346s will be replaced by 359s joining the fleet.


I dont know which aircraft Will replace those birds. Its a shame. But if they replace them for a350s i ll consider that as an upgrade. Btw, those planes Will be buyed by another airline (maybe South African)


They were awesome aircraft. They really were

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Well hopefully the company that my mom works for, Air Hollywood will maybe buy one to turn into a stage.

No, they will most likely do that at Frankfurt because they’re transferring their A380s to Munich.

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Unless there is a market in the VVIP sector, or charter airlines take a liking to them, they will become spares and beer cans.

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