Lufthansa Recruitment @ EDDL - 121900ZFEB17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EDDL- EBFS

Time: 1900 zulu

NOTAM: The Staff Team at Lufthansa Virtual Airlines are proud to announce our first recruitment event coming Sunday the 12th. Anybody is welcome so come along in any aircraft as long as its an lufthansa Livery (except the dash 8)

Our first recruitment event will take place on TS1 at the Amsterdam Region specifically EDDL and EBFS. The event will start at 1910 zulu with a fly pst from four of our aircraft the well recognised TEAM RAPTOR from aerosync aerobatics team. Due to this fly past being an integral part of the event and showcasing the best of lufthansa VA we ask that you spawn in at your allocated gate at 1900zulu.

Once the fly past has took place, our President @CasaAviation will lead you on a flight from EDDL to EBFS under the watchful eye of myself and another memeber who will take ATC for the event. The flight plan will be highlighted below however you will be able to copy it from one of our pilots once spawned in.

Climb Information- Speed 245 Knots
VS- 3000 ft

Cruise- 20,000ft
Speed- 330 knots

If you wish to attend please DM myself or comment below- at which point you will be allocated a gate and callsign for the event ensuring we know who you are. Please note more gates can be acquired if needs be.

B01- @NurDieschweiz
B03- @Trumpeteerjones
B04- @Kvngwinter
B05- @PlaneGuy27550
B06- @LH-MUC
B08- @Tiago_Martins_Freire
B09- @Ricardo-acosta
B10- @ilan_Dridi
A13- @Binesh_Ashokan
A16- J9J9T
If you have any questions contact myself or and if you wish to join lufthansa virtual airlines or take a look at our website go to-

Regards Harry Cook
Vice President
Lufthansa Virtual Airlines


Contact me for gate and callsign assignment

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Use the correct event format or move it out of the category :)


Hi, I’ll try to make it but I have a busy schedule. Can you sign me up for a gate anyways?


Great- can you take B05 I’ll dm you a callsign

hello everyone my name is taynison girigorie also known as tayni and i am #1 of team raptor on AAT. i hope u guys will enjoy the little airshow perfomance that we are gonna do!.


There’s still plenty of gates- don’t miss a great mini display by Aerosync along with a great flight after

Sounds good. I just want to make sure if we have a specific call sign or not.

Could I get b4 my call sign is N158QJ name is Dylan Wynter

Your in- hope to see you there

plenty of room still for Lufthansa’s first event and another great min display from Aerosync aerobatics- team raptor

Put me in please! My callsingn is N548HM

Great- hope to see you there!!

Please can anybody who was thinking of using this as a way of getting atc practice please NOT. Due to the fly by we will be providing ATC services for the event

I will be there in a a340

Great- take gate B09

I would like to take B06

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Sign me in pls…

Will do I’ll just work out where we’re going to put you

CAN i have a gate please