Lufthansa prepares to operate its longest non-stop flight ever

Lufthansa published exciting news today. This Sunday, January 31st, Lufthansa will break its own record for a non-stop flight.

A Lufthansa Airbus A350-900 is expected to take off from Hamburg (EDDH) at 9:30 p.m. and fly about 13,700 km to the Mount Pleasant RAF base in the Falkland Islands. The approximately 15-hour flight is operated by D-AIXP under flight number LH2574. 16 crew members and 92 passengers will be on board. They already went into a two-week quarantine before departure.

LH2574 is also a record flight for the Airport, it is the longest non-stop flight ever to take off from the Hamburg apron.

You are probably wondering why Lufthansa will do such an extraordinary flight. This is due, for what else, to the current situation with Corona. Onboard are scientists and ship crews who, on behalf of the Alfred Wegener Institute, will begin an expedition from the Falkland Islands to the Antarctic. Usually, the scientists have always started their expeditions from Cape Town, but this is currently not possible for obvious reasons. Therefore the Falkland Islands were selected as the only alternative at the moment.

The return flight will take off on February 3rd under the flight number LH2575 bound for Munich (EDDM).

I will definitely recreate this interesting flight in Infinite Flight.

Flightradar24: LH2574

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Nice topic and interesting flight need to check it out

It’s an absolutely amazing and exciting project, with lots and lots of background work involved.

I really hope everything goes well, but the A350 is easily capable of the mission and Lufthansa expert in out-of-the-ordinary flights as well. I am highly looking forward to watching the coverage over the next few days, thanks for sharing this exciting story!


15 hours in an A350? Astonishing!!

That was sarcasm, considering how many scheduled flights out there vastly exceed 15 hours


I guess it is the unique destination
15 hrs is not record breaking stuff but I will definitely check flightradar 24 to follow the journey

The (official) Instagram account @lufthansaviews made an interview with the crew about the flight. You can check it out here. They might also provide further information about the flight tomorrow.

And besides that, I can really recommend this IG account, they post a lot of interesting aviation stuff and often have the opportunity to get behind the scenes. ;)


Definitely going to recreate this flight. I love to try out unique flights, and this one is certainly unique!

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Now also filed in FR24:


I would like to try this flight!!!

Flight plan’s been released

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D-AIXP is confirmed to operate the service today and has now been ferried over to Hamburg!

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You can now follow the flight live on Flightradar24, it will depart in about 20 minutes.

Edit: D-AIXP is already taxiing to runway 33, it will take off shortly!

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It operates the world’s longest flight WSSS to jfk. Mind you thats the a350 900ULR

It’s 500-ish sm shorter than SIN-LAX which receives non-ULR A359s

It would only place 9th or 10th (depending on GC vs actual distance) on the list of longest scheduled flights

The only thing remarkable about this is the destination and purpose of the mission.


People are making a big deal out of this flight to be honest. 15 hours is literally nothing these days. It’s a interesting flight for sure but definitely not the longest flight or setting any world records for that matter.

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Exactly, the destination is certainly interesting
And the flight might be long from European standards, but that is more a factor of Europe’s great geographical location in the world, meaning most destinations can attract a European airline are either within 10-12 hours (or far beyond that requiring a stop)

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You are exactly right, this flight in general is nothing special these days. Yes, there have been numerous other flights for many years that are significantly longer.

What makes this flight so special, however, is the fact that it is the longest non-stop flight from Lufthansa to date, as well as the longest flight from Hamburg Airport. As jet_centric already said, the destination and purpose are certainly interesting too. Nothing else has ever been said about the flight. :)
It remains your opinion whether you are interested in this flight or not. However, I am sure that many people (including me) really see this flight as extraordinary and special and follow it enthusiastically. ;)


o yes, we all have our opinions.

I fully agree with you. It is a special flight for Lufthansa and Hamburg and has me and many fellow angels, especially in Germany very excited. We also see this with the high interest to the flight on FR24 (3300 people currently track the flight at a rather random time during cruise).
Obviously this isn’t exciting for everyone, especially if you aren’t a fan of Lufthansa or other related companies though, which is perfectly fine as well :)

Completly agree. Massive flight for Lufthansa and Hamburg. Possibly making it the only airline to fly a widebody into Mount Pleasant which isnt the British RAF

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