Lufthansa Orders 787

Lufthansa has decided to phase out there A380s by ordering some 787-9s and A359s. They are currently figuring where to base them at, but until then we have a new Dreamliner operator to wait for!
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The Dreamliners will be split among SWISS, Lufthansa, And Austria! So we get 3 beautiful liveries on an even more beautiful plane!


Wow. This will be big!

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Great for Lufthansa! It’ll be sad to see the A380 go for them though.


Yeah, seems like most airlines are selling off their old A380s or even scrapping them

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The sad thing is that Lufthansa’s A380s aren’t really that „old“. Not even 10 years. I’m not happy because I really enjoy flying on Lufthansa’s A380, but I’m still looking forward to fly the Dreamliner.

i saw it in their Website:

Lufthansa said “the group is reducing the size of its Airbus A380 fleet from 14 aircraft to eight for economic reasons. The A380 aircraft will be leaving in 2022 and 2023.”

I guess it’s the End of an Era for Quad Jet


Actually it’s Lufthansa group… (Swiss, eurowings etc) so I’m not sure it is Lufthansa, it can be some other airline in the group.
Anyway, I’ve got a feeling that they don’t want Boeing to be sad because of the cancelations of the 737M orders and the mess going these days (xd)


You think the new livery is going to be in IF?

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If Lufthansa orders the B789, they could open their EDDF-KSJC route

Last time it was with an A343, which I’m pretty sure are not profitable as they cost a lot to operate. With the B789, they could possibly profit for their EDDF-KSJC route

Hopefully Lufthansa opens up DLH488/489 to KSJC with their Dreamliner


They are replacing the A343, A346, B744, A380, B748. i like to fly A350 EDDF-WSSS if theyare going to replace the A380

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Can’t wait to see how that new livery looks on their 787

I´m sure it’ll be in the sim one day.

Lufthansa currently operates the B747 family (They usually send -400s but occasionally send -8s, recently we got 3 -8s in one week) to Denver from Frankfurt and they also send the A359 from Munich. They used to send the A346, but it got switched once they got A359s.

I wonder if DEN will continue to see the 747s and the A359s, or if we’ll eventually see some 777X’s and some Dreamliners.

Thanks for sharing! :)


Lufthansa (or LH CityLine, depends) still uses their A343 and it makes profit. The thing with SJC was that Lufthansa already operates daily to SFO, LAX and recently started operating to SAN (with an A343 btw). SJC just wasn’t profitable, this has not really much to do with the plane. In addition, usually „prestigious“ routes get the new planes first, so the B787 will most likely be in SFO first.

Last I heard, they haven’t decided on the 787 or A359,

We’ll see

Because they have an A346 at SFO

They could just send their Dreamliners to SJC
Works well for British Airways, even though they have an A380 at SFO

I wonder what they will use it for, and possibly what new routes could they do? Will they use it to replace some of the A340s? Or will they add more routes? 🤔 if anyone gives an idea on where will they will go, you are welcome too.

Completely different market, British is flying to LHR, LH to FRA. This can make a huge difference in passengers demanding this particular route.

Actually, Lufthansa opened this route because there was demand, but they couldn’t make it profitable because of their choice of aircraft

The order is for the Lufthansa Group, including SWISS and Austrian. The planes will most likely be splitted across the group, and they’re ordered to replace older planes which means it‘s unlikely to see many new routes coming up.