Lufthansa Orders 5 787-9's

Yep, the A340 has come to Seattle a few times


Hopefully it’ll replace the A350 on their LAX routes
A350 ended the 748 😑
Rather have the 787 than the A350, however if they want to restart 748i that’d be fine too

Well but demand is a factor
A350-900 is bigger than 787-9
It is a popular route, even during covid as the A350 shows
If it wasn’t they would have used the 330

Do they? As far as I know they wanted to do so last summer, but that got cancelled and postponed to a later date. I might have missed it in case they are parked or operate cargo to other airports, but I have never seen a TUI B787 so far

Nope! It is not ended! Lufthansa plans to bring the 747-8 ( and the 400 ) to it’s original routes Pre-covid this Summer! 😃

Source: Simple Flying


Cool it’s back!

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Just saying that the 787 is better 🤷‍♂️
Won’t matter anymore though since the better of both the 787 and A350 is coming back: the 747

I liked their 748 service better 😂

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I will see the a350 in edelweiss or swiss colours ;) #lhgroup

The 789 will have a new business class. This class is also for the delayed 777-9

They replace the old 747/340 routes