Lufthansa Orders 5 787-9's

The Lufthansa 787-9 has become a reality.

Just today, Lufthansa has announced an order of 5 already built 787-9’s to their fleet along with 5 new A350-900’s.

[This is a concept livery, full credits are on this Reddit post.]

The 787-9’s are expected to be delivered to Lufthansa as early as this winter to the first half of 2022 while the A359’s at around 2027 to 2028. The 787-9 is an aircraft model never owned by Lufthansa and has just recently announced to become a new addition. The Dreamliner is a very efficient long ranged aircraft which will help Lufthansa as the passenger demand continues to grow.

These 787-9 and A359 will phase out their current A340-600 and A380-800 fleet providing a boost in economy and cut in fuel costs. It’s a completely understandable move by Lufthansa and I absolutely cannot wait to the their Dreamliners in the skies!

Majority of the information is coming from Sam Chui’s article on this.


The new Lufthansa livery really suits the 787…


Definitely agree! I love the look on it 👀

I found this photo from another flight sim of the Lufthansa 787 in the old livery:


Definitely prefer the new one on the 787…


Great news! I believe this is also the first German 787 operator.


Dang. This is gonna be interesting. Maybe they’ll send one to IAD instead of an A330 🤞


I’m sure they’ll be flying this to cities like Denver, Dulles, maybe Chicago hehe


Good business the Dreamliners are cheap as chips right now good time to buy them.


They’re going to probably send these to the USA.

This is amazing news! And the New Lufthansa livery looks good on the B787, can’t wait to see where it flies!(please be seattle)


My guess is wherever the current A345’s flew, they will too. I believe the LH A346/A343 flew into Seattle if i’m not mistaken?

Lufthansa, A340-600 instead of 500 was the wrong length size.


Looks interesting!!

I’d go more A343

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As far as I know, this has been reality for about two years since they ordered some. They even revealed that those will come with the new business class starting from 2023, meaning that those 5 additional ones won’t have that one sadly (at least that’s what my latest update on that situation is)


While I do not endorse nor like this new “move” towards “more fuel efficient” jets, like the A350 and the 787, is for sure cool too see the 787 in the Lufthansa livery! As far as I know, these 787’s weren’t intended to replace any aircraft, sadly, only the current situation has lead to this. It would have been so beautiful to see the 787 fly along the A340 and the A380, but hey!, let’s be glad that we have the A340-300 at least for now 😃


I know it’s a long shot, but once travel picks up again, hopefully they send one to SJC. There used to be an A343 service.

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My bad, my A340 knowledge is little to none 🤦‍♂️

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Sort of, TUI operates a few 788s (to my knowledge they have 2 based there) out of their German base in Düsseldorf. These aren’t registered in Germany but their subsidiary (Tui fly Deutschland) is headquartered there.

I will surely miss them one day…

But yeah, it’s great to see LH fly the 789!
(Though actually I don’t like the plane that much.)

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