Lufthansa now the Airbus A320neo launch customer

Changed from Qatar Airways to Lufthansa Airways.

This however may change.


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But Qatar have one painted

PW has a software problem with the GTF that require the engine to run idle for 3mins before the aircraft can taxi under its own power. QR refused to accept the aircraft under these circumstances so LH stepped in. A fix by PW should occur within “weeks”

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Perfect that more and more airlines become more environmentally conscious. The burden engendered by aviation the atmosphere has to take is enormous. Outstanding trend!

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So do Lufthansa

The ceo of Qatar, Al Baker being needy again, doesn’t surprise me.

You should have seen the stink they kicked up with their Cargolux (which they had a 35% stake in at the time) 747-8 delivery… or more to the point, non delivery.