Lufthansa New Livery Tour (B748 and A321)

Hi y’all! Today, Lufthansa announced a European tour, showcasing their new livery! The tour will be flown by 2 aircraft in the new Lufthansa livery on February 8, 2018. D-ABYA, a Boeing 747-8i, and,
D-AISP, an Airbus A321 are the aircraft being flown. These aircraft will take differing routes, with those routes below.

D-ABYA Boeing 747-8i
•FRA-DUS (8:30-9:30) Low pass in CGN
•DUS-HAM (10:00-11:30) Low pass in BRE
•HAM-TXL (12:30-13:30) Low pass in HAJ
•TXL-MUC (14:00-15:30) Low pass in DRS
•MUC-FRA (16:00-17:00)

D-AISP Airbus A321
•MUC-MXP (11:55-13:00)
•MXP-MUC (13:40-14:50)
•MUC-CDG (15:40-17:15)
•CDG-MUC (17:55-19:20)
•MUC-FRA (21:00-22:05)

Final Thoughts
I think it is very nice of Lufthansa to show off their new livery to spotters and customers across Europe. However, I don’t find this absolutely necessary, because of the fuel costs, and the landing fees when landing at airports. But, there will definitely be great pictures of these aircraft soon.

What do you think of this tour? Is it a good idea?

  • Yes, definitely.
  • I’m on the fence.
  • No, waste of time and money.

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Artwork by @Matt737, or me!


A. Nice work!
B. I hope it comes on down to KLAX this summer so I can see it
C. Finally, I think it is great that they are showing the new livery off so the Germans can see what their major national airline will look like for then next few decades or so.


Although I absolutely hate the new livery, Lufthansa is very generous doing this.


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