Lufthansa new livery Embraer ERJ195 "A Brazilian Princess"

Her first long flight will be her only Atlantic crossing: An expert team of pilots and technicians flew a freshly purchased Embraer 195 regional jet from Brazil to Munich, Germany, to join the Lufthansa Cityline fleet. A log of an unusual trip on board a brand-new passenger plane

3D cockpit

Follow the link to see the panorama photo of the cockpit

Seat map

General info

Number in fleet: 22
Length: 38.7 m
Wingspan: 28.7 m
Height: 10.6 m
Speed: 833 kph
Max. cruising altitude: 12,500 m
Max. takeoff weight: 50,800 kg
Max. landing weight: 45,000 kg
Range: 2590 km
Cabin width: 2.7 m
Passenger seats (max.): 120

I really like the new Lufthansa livery and I think that it looks very good on Embraer ERJ195!

I like the new LH livery and it would be great to see it on one of the aircraft!


Looks amazing! Don’t have any spare votes though… :^/

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Beautiful Aircraft and Beatiful livery!! <3 <3

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Wow I never knew a regional jet could make transatlantic crossing. Nice livery though. The Lufthansa makes it look sleek


Please vote if you think that this livery should be in IF

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Looks so awesome! Hopefully we get this livery once the E-Jets get their rework

Hopefully They shift the livery Additions to the Embraer aircrat.If they do I think they would put in that amazing livery in

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