Lufthansa May Help Sudan Relaunch Its National Carrier

Sudan may get help from Lufthansa to revive troubled airline

Well this is random.

According to a Bloomberg report, a representative for Sudan Airways reported that a delegation from Lufthansa’s independent subsidiary Lufthansa Consulting will travel to Sudan’s capital in June 2021 to continue talks with Sudanese authorities. No exact details on the outcome for the airline were revealed but a possible joint partnership between the two airlines could be on the table to help the airline reenter operations with a competitive model.

In case you didn’t know, Sudan Airways is one of the oldest African carriers still operating and was once one of the largest airline in Africa.

As a Sudani, I hope to see both airlines to come to an agreement as Sudan desperately needs a flag carrier and the aviation market in Africa is rapidly growing.

You can vote for the Sudan Airways Airbus A320 here.


That is great! I would love to see these beautiful birds more!

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I feel like this won’t happen like it didn’t with Air Montenegro, but it would be certainly cool to see!


I don’t know much about the situation of Montenegro but I can tell that it’s quite different from this. Lufthansa was to launch a new national airline for the nation set to replace Montenegro Airlines, while on Sudan however Lufthansa aims to restructure an already existing airline and a possible joint venture. They’ve been succesful in restructuring airlines in the past, such as Saudia and Air Madagascar.

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I know about the success of Lufthansa Consulting, but what I said was just a gut feeling. I hope they’ll help them!

It didn’t?


Did it? I thought I read that deal didn’t go ahead, but maybe I am wrong…


It actually did!!!

Thanks for the headsup!


Just in: an agreement between both airlines has just been signed! It’s now official!


Glad it worked out! May the airline be revived soon!

Yup, the new Air Montenegro flew for the first time on 10. Of June i think, using an all white E95 to fly from LYPG to LYBE.

*fun fact - Montenegro Airlines bankrupcy administrator is suing Air Montenegro for using basically the same logo as its predecessor, which is a giant joke since both airlines are governement owned ;)


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