Lufthansa may buy Boeing B737 Max

Lufthansa maybe will buy some B737 MAX for replacing older A319 and CRJ900.

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I personally think if they have the extra ‘sensor’ in media terms they should be fine it is just the stigma attached to the plane maybe an issue . Similar to what happened with the DC10.

Very interesting.
It would be very cool to see a Lufthansa Livery on a MAX.

Hopefully they don’t do want some other airlines have done, and cramp in a bunch more seats.
Otherwise, this could be a good purchase for them once the MAX issue gets resolved! :)

I remember when they use to have Boeing 737-300 in the past)


Don’t forget B737-500 :-)

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May buy hmmm I’m not sure on that since all the trouble with it has now made it not so safe

Nice to see Lufthansa order these MAX aircraft. But sadly, delivery of the MAX has stopped so it won’t come for a while 😞

Cool to see LH taking Boeing aircraft into consideration more often. I hope they’ll buy the MAX as it is boring to only see the A320 family in LH colours. Also interesting to see that airlines haven’t lost their trust in Boeing. I really hope the MCAS 12.1 update is going to increase the safety of the MAX.

The Max is an important product for Boeing. If it’s not “safe”, it probably won’t ever fly again, which incredibly unlikely and a huge detriment to Boeing. So as soon as the problem is definitely identified, it will be fixed, at which point it’ll be safe (as safe as other commercial aircraft, at any rate).

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I really hope this happens, it’s gorgeous!


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