Lufthansa-mania Airbus A380

Lufthansa (LH) 455
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Crossing Runway 01L & 01R

Cathay Pacific B777 Just landed Runway 25R

LH455 Ready for Take-off Runway 25L

V1. . . Rotate. . . V2

Flying over US airspace

Lovely sunset over Canada airspace

Overnight over Trans-Atlantic

LH455 Cleared to Lard Runway 25L

GPWS: 50. . . 40. . . 30. . . 20. . . Retard. . . 10. . . 5

Arrived at Gate Z62

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That UPS at a passenger gate πŸ˜‚


maybe VIP cargo lol

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It will be missed :(

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Yeah. Sad to see them in the storage

I am the 747-8 in the last photo

Yup. A perfect take off :-)

such a underated aircraft. used to not want to fly it just bc of how unupdated it is, but then I did LHR-LAX in BA livery and loved it

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Let’s hope to have the A380 update in the future. It’s still a flyable bird


extremely so. british airways, qatar and qantas brought those bad boys out of storage for flights


I agree. Even Korean, Asiana, Lufthansa, Air France, China Southern are going to retire their A380, It have very interesting routes including ANA.

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Really nice shots ! Let’s hope that this majestic bird will be updated soon ! Hopefully the new Lufthansa livery will be added too ! Fingers crossed !

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Thank You very much. I appreciate it. I kinda like to stay with old livery because we have already too many eurowhite livery.

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No problem ! ;)

Oh ok I understand you

nice pictures

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Thank you. I appreciate it.

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How about posting some China southern A380 pictures?

Once i got more information of route list, i could do that.

Here is my latest post:

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That’s great

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Last I heard Lufthansa was bringing up their A380’s next year.