Lufthansa KSAN-EDDF

From what I know, Lufthansa uses the A340-300 on this route. Correct me if I’m wrong. Sadly, the A340-300 did not decide to bless us with her presence when IF was hiring, so i guess the A350 is the next best option😂

KSAN/San Diego- EDDF/Frankfurt. Server: Expert flight time 10 hour

Taking off runway 9 at KSAN
That was a close one😱

Climbing up over SoCal

Cruising over Utah

Right at the border of North Dakota and Canada.
Up above Hudson Bay, Canada.

Proceeding on course over Greenland. Wait, that isn’t green…

Approaching the Netherlands 🇳🇱

Bumpy descent with a 5/10 landing into Frankfurt.

Please be aware that I changed the time in some of these shots because it was too dark to see diddly squat.


Nice Pics! You almost overshot on Takeoff I see.


Lol I almost did. Made it by like half a meter😂😂😂

nice pics man keep it up

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That was close! Maybe the A330?

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Yeah that might have been better. And that was on a full power take off that I nearly missed it

Nice pics!

Yup, typically they use that on the route but there was one day when they used the A340-600. They were supposed to have regular A340-600 service from March 31, 2019, but scrapped plans for the upgauge.

Interesting. Thanks!

Nice picture, but very close indeed!

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Why did you land on the piano keys


It was takeoff at San Diego, not landing. I was pretty heavy so I almost didn’t make it😂

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Using every inch of runway on takeoff is a respect for runway builders.😂😂


Welcome to the community Eric! And yes, I pAy WhOlE rUnwAy, I uSe WhOlE rUnWaY


Nice photos! That take off looks really close 😮


It really was🤣

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That’s easily 50 feet above threshold, right… ;)

Really cool pictures though, thanks for sharing!

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