Lufthansa | JNB-FRA | Boeing 747-8

Hey IFC!
Did a cool and long over due flight today. Returning back to Frankfurt after some adventures around South Africa. I have never really flown around Africa and got to see it much so this was a cool flight for me. The details are ready!
Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122 heavy
Eyeballs are now ready to see the photos! Heck yeah.
Rotation out of Johannesburg

Making my way north

Already impressed

Uh-oh I think I hit the Sahara dessert

About to leave Africa! Goodbye for probably a long time

Flying over some cool islands west of Italy.

I forgot about the alps! Yay! I bet when thirsty skiers like me see this when they fly over they get thirsty

Made it to Frankfurt! Yay! Where to next?

Sadly there is no more eyeball candy, but I still hope y’all enjoyed!


Ur flaps were down the whole time???😂😂😂


Those are some nice photos you got there.

Now I’m thirsty 🥤🧃

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@Claudio I know that would never happen in the real world but it saves you a significant amount of fuel by setting them 10 at cruise. The physics on the plane are all weird that’s why

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Fantastic pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Just the deployed flaps… While reasonable that really hurts ;)


Omg that first picture is a stunner. Great job capturing the beauty of the Queen.

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Beautiful photos friend, I liked the first

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Man everyone really likes the first, the 747 never fails.

Nice shots!!

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Nice. 747 is a machine however.


Lol all in good fun welcome to the community :)

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Very noice!