Lufthansa Group's New Subsidiary announces new routes!

Just this past Thursday, the Lufthansa Group announced new routes for Eurowings Discover!

What is Eurowings Discover?


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A new subsidiary for the Lufthansa Group which is a Leisure-Based-Long-Haul airline. This subsidiary airline will launch two new destinations as well as five new route!

  • Frankfurt to Kilimanjaro starting in May of 2022 and will be two times a week
  • Frankfurt to Salt Lake City starting in June of 2022 and will be three times a week

The exact schedule will be filed by May 26th

With the launch of these routes, this means Kilimanjaro will receive it’s second European carrier. The only two European carriers to fly to Kilimanjaro are KLM and soon to be Eurowings Discover.

For the Salt Lake City service, one of the gateways for SLC will see it’s first Non-Skyteam international airline start service. The only international service is London, Paris, and Amsterdam with KLM’s seasonal flights. (This was pre-COVID-19)

Additionally, Eurowings Discover will be launching two more routes from Frankfurt.

“Eurowings Discover will take over a former mainline Lufthansa route, with three weekly flights to Panama City, starting in March 2022.”

As well as the intent to “launch three weekly flights to Fort Myers, Florida, during the same timeframe.”

What is your thoughts on this? Will it work out, or will it fall through and not happen?

Image Credit, and article: Lufthansa Group’s New Long-Haul Subsidiary, Eurowings Discover Adds New Flights to Salt Lake City, Kilimanjaro –


oh nice routes! EW terminated their BGI-FRA route and now Mainline LH flies their 343 here.

anyways, interesting Kilimanjaro route.

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Wow. I did not see those routes happening. Maybe SLC but not before places like LA or NYC
Also didn’t know that Fort Meyers could handle heavy commercial traffic

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These are some nice routes, if you click on the link I have provided, it gives some even more insight as to what is going on! And I think the Kilimanjaro route is quite interesting!

I know right! I was not expecting a SLC destination, and Fort Myers is quite the route, however, it does have a 12000ft runway, so it should be capable of this route! Definitely interesting!

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I remember when Air Berlin flew into RSW. The Fort Myers area has a lot of demand for flights to/from Germany as it’s a hot winter area for senior citizens to live for a little. They’ve also have Eurowings flights to Dusseldorf for a little if I recall. Very exciting stuff!


They also added Panama City I think

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Oh ok then the runway isn’t an issue at all
Maybe the gates tho 😂
They might use stairs at a stand

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I feel like it would have been easier for them to go to TPA (Tampa), but it might just work better for Fort Myers

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Indeed, I think this route will be very successful for them!

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Hopefully there is no runway overrun! But as you mentioned, gate size might be an issue, who knows.

I don’t know why European airlines keep going after this idea. It’s been shown time and time again not to work and not only on the long-haul end of things either. Perhaps because it has the backing of the Lufthansa group it’ll survive, but I don’t get it.

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I don’t understand either, however, with many routes this could stay alive, and it could be cheaper meaning more people trying to get to Europe have to pay less, we just have to wait and see.

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Looking forward to see where this goes…

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