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Lufthansa Group News

This thread will be updated regularly with significant updates regarding the Lufthansa Group, including Lufthansa, Austrian, Swiss and more. So if you’re interested on the latest of the German powerhouse, read along and feel free to comment your take on the events.

03/03/22 - Lufthansa presents its new signature cabin "Allegris"

Lufthansa prides itself to be an innovator. In areas such as decarbonization it has long been a frontrunner in aviation with projects such as AeroShark. Decades ago it was also an early adopter of the new cabin concept using lieflat seats amongst other features. However, since then innovation in all fields of aviation including the cabins of aircraft has advanced at an unprecedented speed. As a result, many found the cabin of Lufthansa’s mainline fleet to have become outdated and lost its uniqueness and quality. Then, in 2017, Lufthansa announced its first version of a new cabin concept including new seats and layouts for its long-haul fleet that was to be placed on the then newly ordered A350 and B77X aircraft. However, just like the latter, the cabin got postponed multiple times and ended up disappearing from the spotlight as time progressed. In anticipation of the release, Lufthansa was even awarded a 5-star rating by Skytrax which it inevitably ended up losing again after the new cabin never entered service.

However, this week Lufthansa finally shared the final product, called Allegris, that will feature on their long-haul fleet starting YE/2023. It seems as if the long wait has paid off, as the product seems to be highly innovative and individual, matching Lufthansa’s new campaign “Truly Yours”.




In First Class, which will first be installed on newly delivered A350s in 2024, passengers will be able to choose between the regular first class seats featuring almost ceiling-high walls and big 4k screens, besides a wardrobe, mini bar, wireless charging opportunities and more and the First Class Suite Plus. The latter will have a 1 meter wide seat, where two passengers will be able to sit. The seat will be convertible to a 2,2m long double-bed for couples to enjoy and will feature an even bigger screen. Heating/cooling will be setable individually for each seat and up to four people will be able to dine in the suite.



Where customization truly comes into play is the new Allegris Business Class. Here, travellers will have up to seven different seating options ranging from the standard seat (all of which will have direct aisle access) to seats with extra long beds (up to 2,2m), working stations and double “suites”. All will have a newly designed seat and bigger 4k screens which can be controlled via a tablet that comes with the seat. The menu and dining experience will also be updated to match Lufthansa’s new premium ambitions.

Premium Economy and Economy Class will also get updates ranging from new seats, to improved headrests, more storing options, refined IFE systems and more.

The new cabin is planned to be introduced on the A350 (First - Eco), B787 (Business - Eco), B77X (Business - Eco), B748 (First - Eco) and possibly the A380 (First - Eco).

03/03/2022 - Lufthansa orders 22 new widebody aircraft

One thing that Lufthansa is probably most renowned for is its fleet. You’ll have a hard time finding an airline with such a diverse fleet in terms of aircraft types operated. Besides the wide-spread A320(neo) and A330 family, the A350 and B787, Lufthansa also operates rarer types such as the B747-400, B747-8, A380, A340-300 and A340-600. Looking at other group airlines, you’ll also find E190s, E195s, A220-100s, A220-300s, A321P2Fs and more.


However, with many airlines being reminded of the importance of efficiency after the CoVid-19 pandemic struck the world, fleets previously deemed totally suddenly need urgent replacement. Lufthansa is no exception, despite the Group paying back all state loans received during the pandemic. With Boeing having trouble delivering their new-gen widebodies like the B787 and B77X, Lufthansa is now unable to retire some of the older, more expensive models as planned.


To combat this, the airline announced a new order for 22 widebody aircraft. This includes 10 A350-1000s, a new type for the airline group, 5 A350-900s and 7 B787-9s. While the A350s are expected to unsurprisingly operate from MUC, since it’s the A350-hub for Lufthansa, the B787-9s represent an important order. This is, because they will now most likely end up at Austrian Airlines, whose B767-300s and B777-200s approaching 25 years of age were mentioned to be of high priority to be replaced with newer aircraft. With Austrian just today announcing a small profit, it seems as the airline is on track to be able to renew its widebody fleet.

Additionally, Lufthansa says that it is in the final stages of ordering even more widebody aircraft, not taken up by other airlines to be delivered, at least partially, this year, since the initially ordered A/C will only be delivered starting 2025.

03/03/2022 - Lufthansa increases its returning A380 fleet

During the pandemic, Lufthansa was quickly becoming one of the airlines to be the least likely to bring back the A388 after the pandemic with executives regularly finding clear words on the “impossible” return of the giant to the Lufthansa fleet. However, with Lufthansa being as surprised as others of the sudden demand recovery in Q2/2022. This initially lead to the return of the rare A340-600 to Lufthansa’s fleet with 10 A346s now flying for Lufthansa from FRA and MUC. However, due to the notorious lack of premium seat capacity from MUC, Lufthansa’s premium hub, the airline then decided to bring back 4 A380s to MUC to fill that gap. Initially, they are planned to fly to high-premium destinations such as JFK and BOS. However, the remaining 4 A380s (6 were sold to AB) were to remain stored.


Things started to look even better for the LH A380 this week though. When listing the aircraft to be retired and replaced by more modern wide-body aircraft during the fleet renewal announcement mentioned above, the A380 wasn’t among the aircraft types mentioned to be retired.


Now, during the announcement of the financial results of the Lufthansa Group today, a footnote next to the A380 revealed, that two more A380s will be reactivated next year. This means the A380 seems to be getting more likely to stay similarly long as the B748, which will stay “deep into the next decade”, according to Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr. While there aren’t any news on whether the A380 will be getting the new cabin “Allegris”, we can expect to hear an update on that in the future when the future of the A380 will be officially announced by Lufthansa.


More accurate info:

"With today’s orders included, the Lufthansa Group will take delivery of 108 state-of-the-art long-haul aircraft such as the Airbus A350-1000, the Airbus A350-900, the Boeing 787-9 and the Boeing 777-9 over the next few years. In doing so, the Group will operate the quietest, most profitable and most economical long-haul aircraft that are currently in service. On average the new aircraft consume just 2.5 liters of fuel per passenger per 100 kilometers – some 30 percent less than their predecessor aircraft types.

The new long-haul aircraft will also replace older aircraft types. In the medium-term future, six such subfleets will be taken out of service: the four-engined Boeing 747-400s, Airbus A340-600s and Airbus A340-300s and the two-engined Boeing 777-200s, Boeing 767-300s and Airbus A330-200s. This will reduce the quadjet contingent within the Lufthansa Group fleet to under 15 percent: prior to the pandemic, quadjets made up some 50 percent of the groupwide aircraft fleet."

Source: Lufthansa


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That render is from when the B787 was initially ordered by the Lufthansa Group years ago. Generally, the Group orders in bulk for all airlines and then distributes according to the needs of the individual airlines.
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