Lufthansa Ground Staff goes on Strike; cancels more than 1000 flights

Well, Frankfurt and Munich airport are living their worst days now. The german sindicate for Lufthansa has launched a Strike, effective tomorrow, that will affect basically almost every flight. This will actually kill like 140,000 passengers (including myself). The reason: salary things.

This will also be a new episode of the chaos taking place in Frankfurt Airport, and in the european airports.

So, I’m terribly sorry for the members here who were affected by this. But yeah, workers being workers :/


Ah yes, making innocent people suffer because your benefits suck. Welcome to 2022


Indeed, they cant even find alternatives or answer a phone. The only options are “cancelling trip” or “cancel with reefund”

Hopefully I can fly with United once I arrive to MEX (connection to FRA)

I’m just staying away from Europe for now

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rip bro


Thanks bro

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See you in idk bro rip

Man, I am absolutely thankful that my family and I flew on Lufthansa before the strike! Feel bad for those passengers who are stranded.

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That really sucks that people are stranded for who knows how long

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Can’t tell if you’re very young or very right-wing, but industrial action is more than that. If we’re going to love aviation, we need to appreciate those that make it happen and—sometimes annoyingly to us—their sub-par working conditions.


I’m booked on two Lufthansa flights on Friday. I’m curious whether I’ll be affected by any after-effects of this. It should be fine, but as I was saying to @Moritz already, worst case is that I get an extra day of vacation in Copenhagen or Munich on Lufthansa’s expenses, so I’m really relaxed 😊


All flights lufthansa flights from LAX to Frankfurt and Munich have been canceled :(

We’re overbooked at LOT and Lufthansa is sending us more passengers. I guess it isn’t easy finding 400 seats in 3 hours

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Bumping this, but just because there is another strike, this time from the Pilots…

Just a month and a few days since the last strike


Yee haw, here we go again! The rodeo shall continue. Let the cancelations begin

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Everyone is on some kind of strike; whilst i have sympathy for their grievances it is more counter productive and led to more redundancies and cuts.

Be interesting to see what action Lufthansa will take after this sorry episode.

Society nowadsys. I hope everything will be ok after that.


It definetly seems why LH has lost a Star

No, LH lost a star because they got their 5th for their announced business class after all. Since they delayed its entry to 2023, they lost it. They also scaled back service during the pandemic and those are the reasons, not the strike.

Didnt meant to refer explicitily like that but ok.

But you got some points to consider tho:)

thats just sad ngl