Lufthansa Frankfurt To Barcelona

Another expert server flight with approach controllers handling the traffic superbly! Here are some snippets of my hop from Frankfurt To Barcelona today in a Lufthansa A320:

Big Lufthansa vs Little Lufthansa

Liftoff with JAL 747 in background

That’s about as good as IF scenery gets (window seat view)

A grade 5 witnessed my horrible landing…

I’ve just landed, Ethidad’s just getting started…


Great pictures!


I like this.

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Nice pics. I guess grade 5 do land poorly as well… we all do!

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Not really the worst

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I was at LEBL today aswell I think I might have seen you what was your call sign?

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if it makes ya feel better, that grade 5 wasn’t accurately holding short of the runway. Unless he was told to line up, but that seems a bit early…

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Lufthansa 1124, and I landed about 20 minutes after posting this. What was your call sign/ aircraft?

Hmm yeah I seem to have noticed that too, but oh well everyone makes mistakes!

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Haha I’ve seen that, at least I didn’t bounce but the impact was veryhard I don’t think my passengers would have liked that…

Ryanair 246 FR9146 I flew from EGGP-LEBL

nice pictures, I loved it

Great Pictures