Lufthansa | FRA-ORD | Boeing 747-8

Hey IFC!
Flying back to the United States to catch @United2’s Houston flyout this Sunday
after wonderful adventures in Europe.
Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122 Heavy
The photos are below!
Heavy takeoff from Frankfurt

Flying into the sky

View from last row

Flying over the North UK

Zooming over the Atlantic

View from the front row in the nose

Flying high

Lovely approach into Chicago

Final 10C

Safe landing in ORD!

I hope y’all enjoyed!


I’ll join when is it

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Click on the link

Oh ok thanks

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Oh I like these shots above Chicago! Love when my hometown is represented! Thanks for also being accurate, with a 10C approach rather than the usual 10L approach (hate it when people use this instead!)

Awesome shots, keep up the great work!


These pictures are awesome!

Funny thing: I just departed on my first ever 747 flight. I hope it’s successful because I haven’t ever landed a 747 on a real flight 😂

It’s the Cargolux 747-8 from KORD to PANC.


Amazing pictures. Really capturing the essence of a trans-atlantic flight with Lufthansa 747.

FRA-ORD being one of my favorite international routes to fly to/from FRA and ORD, making it obvious that I would love to see pictures taken from this flight :)

@anon38496261, Good Luck on landing the Queen. It can be a bit tricky/difficult at first but with time as you practice more, just like in anything, it later feels like a every day thing to land the Jumbo. Personally I’ve flown it hundreds of times in IF, and many times on the route Jack flew, featured in this topic, and it does take time to nail it but eventually I got the grip of it and am now able to smoothly land the heavy jet ✌🏼


Quick question: I just departed on 10L with a 747-8. Is that realistic?


Departure off 10L is realistic yes :) @Alaska096


Thank you :)

I’ve done some landing of it before, but I was on Solo spawning on final or using the short final button.


Nice shots mate! Love it when people fly through my home town 🤩

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Yes, as @Aviation3 has pointed out, it is realistic. I am assuming it’s in a Lufthansa B748? If so, I hope you departed from Gate B17 at the United Terminal 😉

Here’s the run down on KORD realism (@Aviation3, feel free to pitch in as well):

1. Departures

  • 10L, 09R, 22L, 28R

2. Arrivals

  • 10R/C, 09L/R, 28C/L

Also, taxiing in Chicago is always a bit weird, especially from terminals 1 and 5. Always check FR24 for the most realistic, current procedures

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Thank you so much!

I’m in the Cargolux livery (realism)


Ah yes! Daily Cargolux 747 comes through! Departed off 10L today so nice realism :)

@Aniket_Joglekar when you listen to so much LiveATC you know that most of the 28R deps happen at the N5 taxiway 😂