Lufthansa | FRA-ORD | Airbus A350-900

Hey IFC!
I can’t believe it! I haven’t flown the LH-359 yet, and I fly Lufthansa quite often in IF.

Server: Expert

Callsign: Lufthansa 430

Route: Frankfurt Am Main EDDF - Chicago O'Hare KORD

Here we go!
Our ride

Flying out of Frankfurt

Climbing high

Ooh cool

Reached cruise

Soaring over the Atlantic

An AF-77W 4000 below me also following the Transatlantic track

Pop quiz: when flying west (180-360), what altitudes should you be flying?
  • Even altitudes (FL320, 340, 360, 380, etc.)
  • Odd altitudes (FL310, 330, 350, 370, etc.)

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Final 28C

Approaching minimums

Safe landing in Chicago

Takeoff and landing movie
I hope y’all enjoyed!


Well I guess I live near Chiva now, not Chicago.

Nice job! I love the angle on the second picture!


Wallpaper style! These pictures are simple and fantastic. For this one I could save it for later.

Keep it up mate! 💫


Some really cool pictures! Very nice to see the Taunus (a Mountain Range) on departure and also the very sleek A350. Thanks for sharing!

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Great photos! I’ve also flown this flight on the same plane!

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