Lufthansa | FRA-LAX | Boeing 747-8

Hey IFC!
This is one of the only passenger 747 routes still operating in the world. Lufthansa operates their 747-8s to LAX, ORD, BKK, PVG, and one or two others. It’s so sad to see the queens presence in our skies so quickly disappear.
Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122 Heavy
The photos are ready!
Our ride for today - just kidding this is a LH-744 I saw at DEN a couple years ago

Blasting out of Frankfurt

Climbing high

And flying high

Flying over Ireland

Nothing but ocean

Approaching the Rocky Mountain

Flying past the Grand Canyon

Descending into LAX

Safe landing in LAX

I hope y’all enjoyed!


You can actually see where I live (and a few others in the community I know) in the Ireland shot. I love these, well done! My favourite is the Grand Canyon one.

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I remember coming back from vacation 5 years ago and having a connecting flight in DEN. our aircraft (United 737) parking literally in between the Lufthansa 747 and a BA 747.
(Now they replaced it with the A350, not as impressive in size :/)


I also saw São Paulo, Mexico City and Johannesburg being operated by the 747 of LH at the moment

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so no one gonna talk about how he had his flaps at cruise


Flying at flaps 10 balances out the issues the 747 has.


@PilotChrisSG, like @Altaria55 said, the 747 has lots of physics issues, and 10 degrees flaps makes it perform a lot better. But there isn’t really a right or wrong in this situation. I explain this better here. 747-400 / 8 cruising issue?

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what about the 747-200?

Wow wow wow! Beautiful pictures with great quality! I love every angle and the scenery adds to it. 😍


I can see my town from here. In the middle of nowhere. How surprising. 👍


Love the pictures the last one is one of my favriotes.

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I flew that B744 last year before COVID. Same flight


Apart from the flaps in cruise ;) a very nice topic! The Queen of the Skies is just amazing and your pictures show at it very well. Great scenery all around as well, beginning with the Rhein in Germany and then continuing with Ireland and the US.

Also that wing looks really good! Thanks for sharing!

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Cool photos! :)

Tbh you kinda need those to even fly the 74 in the sim lol.

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Great photos

For a second I was like, that’s a really realistic photo! I then realized it was IRL. Great shots!


I love the lufthansa 747-8! Those are amazing pictures you got there! ❤️😍

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Wow, I like these pictures (especially the last one). For me, the B747 is one of the hardest plane to land (with the Cessna 172).

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